MVS games don't boot


Crossed Swords Squire
Hi all, I have a mini 1-slot MVS board (NEO MVH MV1B) board that just doesn't seem to want to start any games anymore. (The board is from 1995 if that matters.)

It is VERY hard to get a game to start. It seems that the cartridge be inserted within less than 1-millimeter range in order for the game to start. 99% of the time I try to start a game, I get the blinking green screen of death or that grid test pattern.

I know MVSes are supposed to be picky in how far you have to insert a game to get it to work, but this is ridiculous. I just tried 4 games, and none of them started (Metal Slug 3, Magical Drop 2, Magician Lord, and KOF '95).

When I first got my MVS, I could just put in a cart and it would go with no problem. Then it started to get pickier and pickier about how far in I could put a cart in before it would go. Eventually, I cut shallow grooves in the guiding plastic cart holding clips and lined them up with vents on the games to get them to boot correctly, but now games won't work even if I have everything lined up perfectly.

I've inspected my MVS, and nothing looks broken. However, a friend of mine who's really good with electronics said that there could possibly be a small crack on one of the connectors that could be causing a problem. By just looking at it though, I don't see any cracks on any of the connectors on the cartridge port.

I'm about to chuck my MVS out the window, and I know we don't want that, so any help would be appreciated. ^_^