MS9 fault and repair log...


Pari-Dakar Rally Driver
My OKBaby recently developed a monitor fault where the bottom half of the image will be vertically fragmented and the top of the screen would have a black dip that gets worst when you stretch it out using the remote board.


Thankfully, these symptoms go away when the monitor warms up or when a hair dryer was used on the chassis.

This lead me to believe that a couple of components on the chassis is faulty.

I proceeded to get a electronic component cold spray to test a couple capacitors to see if the problem returns when the chassis was all warmed up.

Sure enough, 2 x capacitors were replicating the same problem when the spray was applied.

I will update when I replace the capacitors to see if it fixes the problem.


Timid Neo Newbie
yep, definitely a cap issue. If you get REAL bad problems (i.e. no image sync at all) then it's the HOT usually. If it won't turn on then you have to just replace other ICs...repairing these is fortunately pretty straight forward most of the time. Glad you got it going!