MS2930 Recap Butchery


Kula's Candy
So I tried to spruce up the brightness on my MS2930 by recapping it. Mostly went on well except for a few places, and I think it's above my skill set to correct them. Anyway, time for the gruesome pictures.

Orange C519 - Negative pad is partially lifted, I kinda just globbed enough solder for it to hold

Blue C456 - Ruined both pads

Red - The surface mount component between the C566 was accidentally removed while wicking away the old C566 cap. I couldn't figure out the orientation of that piece but tacked it on just so I wouldn't lose it.

Here I had the bright idea to fix a pad I messed up by scraping up some mask and tacking down some non-insulated wire...

So yeah, feeling really retarded now for messing up the board over the past two days. Is this salvageable?


Giga Shock!!
It can def be salvaged, and don't take this the wrong way, but you need someone with the soldering skills to fix it.

The lifted pad can be remedied by scraping back the solder mask on the trace and soldering in a wire to go from the trace to the component itself. Not a perfect fix but totally doable.

The orientation of the surface mount component may matter. In the future if there is no orientation configuration, use a fine tip sharpie and mark one end and photograph it, so you know what goes where.

You can avoid accidental removal of smc bits by working carefully and laying down some capton tape to make sure you are protecting the solder from heat

My a broken, cheap ass console. A PS1 or something, and just practice your soldering on it.


Kula's Candy
Appreciate the restraint and advice. I don't plan on working on the board myself anymore. You don't by chance know of someone who is good at fixing mongoloid mistakes like I've made?


CPS2 Person.,
You live and learn. I often recommend Chip Quik to people who don't have the patience to learn


Kula's Candy
Well, about one amazon order with appropriately thick solder (original solder I had was 3x the thickness of what I should have been using...), kapton tape, better quality desolder braid, my roommates multimeter and about 6 questionable jumper wires later... I got it back together myself!