Most OVERrated Neo Game Ever


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Since everyone was talking about under rated games I thought I would start this topic up.
My choice is Diggerman. I give it the royal Neo Rasberrys---


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You guys are going to hate me for saying this, but I say Metal Slug 3. While it is indeed an awesome game, I personally think Slug X is the best Slug game, and there are quite a few Neo titles I prefer over any of the Slug games.

Reviews like in the new Gamefan where they claim that it is the best neo game ever is just a little much.

BUT - controversy aside... some other highly overrated Neo games, in my opinion, include:

Twinkle Star Sprites
Money Puzzle Exchanger
Super Dodge Ball

I actually like those games (except for TSS, which I didn't really like at all), I just think people think they are better than they really are.

All just my opinions of course.
(I know MS3 is gonna anger some of you, sorry)



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BTW, I don't think of Digger Man as an overrated game... I think the vast majority agree that it sucks



today forever

TOO right,man

the problem with them games,
if you ponder for a while

is this...

they're all




i could go on for hours,
lets just say this


it is an AVERAGE fighting game

but its rare AND bloody hell,expensive

i bet the few people who bought it,
when they're playing it
they're not like
oh man i'm havin SO much fun with this

bet they're more like
i have it !
i have it !
ah ! the cunts dont but i do have it !

catch ma drift?

so a game like ninjamasters itself

worth MAX 200$,

can reach them high prices

its all a bit fookin stooopid,

but there ya go

and say...i LOVE neo turf masters

but no matter what,
come what may

i aint paying 500 / 550 £ for it
to see after a few days that kof 2000 is out for 300

it is NOT fair,

and if that means i'll never have that golf

i really cant be arsed,i'm honest

its just a GAME,yeah??



today forever
and yes

metal slug 3 is so bloody boring

a know people are all for it

" oh cant you see?
multiple paths,
its the best game ever,
multiple paths,
oh god,joy !!
this one is going to last me for AGES!
MULTIPLE paths ! "

who gives a fuck eh?

multiple paths,me arse

you still do the same things you been doing
since MS 1 anyway

a bit of eh??

and while i'm on it

WHY 4 charactres if they're all the same?

like makin kof with 36 clones of kyo
or whatever

obviously this old sayin
"variety is the spice of life"
them people who made MS

they werent all ears when me grandma
was sayin that

they were too busy doin summat else

dunno what,
but they were NOT listening



Kabuki Klasher
Magical Drop 2 & 3. I know many people will disagree but I cant play these games for more than 10 minutes. They are just so boring. It's the same thing over and over again.

Yes I do think you are very wrong about MS3 but you are able to like whatever you want. MS3 in my opinion is a much better game because it is:

b:many diff vehicles
c:diff paths
d:a couple new weapons
e:better animation

Also I think SS2 is overrated. Yes I own the game and like it very much but it is not the best fighter and it can get a little boring. Also the animation isnt that great because it is an older title.

Neo Bomber Man

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This list could get long, but more to the point:

Metal Slug 3: I paid CND $500 for a sealed copy, and I now wonder why. I haven't played through the whole game yet, but only Metal Slug has really impressed me. MS3 is just the same old thing, but spiced up to a new level. I find I force myself to play it more than I really care to, after having spent that kind of money. And the GameFan review was worthless. That issue was a waste of money.

Other than that, Samurai Shodown 2 (it's terrible), Metal Slug X, MD 2 & 3 (I love them but they are over-rated) and the Last Blade series.


Kabuki Klasher
Neo B Man, how far have you gotten in MS3? There are tons of secret stuff too. I also agree with you that LB is overrated. It is a good fighter but not the best.

Also why do you like SS1 and not SS2? SS2 isnt terrible, it just isnt worth of the insanely high praise it receives.


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I know I'm gonna catch flames hotter than Kyo Kusanagi's but the most overrated Neo game ever is Last Blade 2. This was first time I've ever kicked myself for spending $300 on a game. Maybe my hopes were too high but LB2 is struck with bad case of sequelitis (and the sick thing is it's only on the second game).

New Characters: Lame and unimaginative.

Kojiro: Lame rip-off of a lame rip-off.

Setsuna: Cool look with Capcom style (aka lame and unimaginative) moves. Yawn.

Hibiki: I have a sword but I don't wanna cut. Boo hoo hoo! Shut up slut.

Old Characters: Most of the cast was funner on LB except for (Akari, Shigen, Juzo, Amano).

Kaede: Yawn.

Moriya: Double yawn.

Yuki: Snooze.

Boss: With Kaede, Moriya, and Yuki being so lame it's no surprise that Kouryu is lame too.

Basically: This game should have been the bomb but at best it's just an average sequel. How many fighting games 2's and haven't blown the first ones out the water. KI2 is the only one I can think of. LB had so much promise that second one should have been the 2nd coming of SS2.


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Well I have to disagree with the criticisms of MS3 and MSX. All of the MS games are incredible, they're animated, interactive arcade works of art. Backgrounds, characters, animation, explosions, debris, music, atmosphere, style, humor, sound effects . . . they all fit together better on this series than on any other action/platform games ever released.

As for most overrated games: Ninja Master's is certainly on my list, among others.


Giga Shock!!
Bah, your all crazy! Money Puzzle Exchanger & MS3 are probably some of the most wonderful examples of a great game play & attention to detail. ummph....
Well for the record & I know I'll be slapped around by yall.. Last Blade & Last Blade 2 are the most overrated games on the neo IMO. What a total borefest. Its Samurai Shodown the boring chronicles. Great animation & atmosphere, lame game play & even lamer characters. Yuck! I'll never understand why SNK shoveled that to us when they could have been working on SamSho5. Man, will we ever get another 2d update to that wonderful series. Magical Drop 2&3 are also over rated. I like them, but its just too simple compared to MPE. I also feel Metal Slug, MS2, & MSX are all over rated. They are ok. Not as good as the Contra series IMO. I felt that MS3 was the first Slug that was as good if not better than Konami's efforts.


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The only problem with Contra is that Konami couldn't figure out what they wanted to do with it. Ever play that game on Playstation calle Contra Legacy or something like that and they give you 3D glasses to put on. What the hell is that all about??? I thought Rad Racer was the only piece of crap that came with 3D glasses.


Kabuki Klasher
Oh I can't beleive I forgot to mention this game which is the most overrated game on any system ever!

Dont kill me.

Dont kill me.

Dont kill me.


I cant understand why people like this game. It is in the same league as Cyper Lip. Boring, very repetative, and just an overal crap game. Honestly I like Legend of Sucess Joe more. I am dead serious.


Kabuki Klasher
Damn there are so many games that are overrated I cant stop adding them.

Every single World Heroes game is overrated. The animation sucks, the characters are very lame and the game reminds me of Fight Fever. If you havent played World Heroes yet, DONT!

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Neo Bomber Man

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No way! World Heroes was great! Well going back to the original now, it's not all that good. WH2 is a cheesefest, but a blast, and may just be my favourite ADK game. WH2J was pretty fun, but had a very poorly explained storyline, with many important details left out. I never got my fix of WHP, so I shan't say much, but from what I have played of it I really liked it. But then it had no new regularly selectable characters, and non-personalized backgrounds. Anyhow, given the path it followed the series' time was up by that point, leaving the WH minions like me with nothing more to look forward to. I always loved playing characters based off real, historical figures. Kim Dragon most of all.
I agree with the "Ninja Masters" beeing the most overrated game ever on the neo-geo.

Just for the collectors.
If you are a gamer and want to have it- get it on MVS.

We have to remember that neo-geo games are originally created to arcades. So do not compare (like in MS3) those games with like Playstations.

MS3 does not last as long as the Metroid and lets say, Super Mario games.

All the MS seriers where created for instant enjoyment. MS seriers are rare 2D pieces of art. I like them all very much and every good word sayd about those games are true.


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Here is my list of crap games:

Cyber Lip
Riding Hero
Baseball Stars
Super Spy
Magician Lord(decent if found under $50)
Baseball 2020
Ninja Combat
and although I haven't played it, Digger Man looks really stupid.


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I'll have to agree with lump here and say Magician Lord. This is mostly due to the horrible controls. Maybe in 1990 this game would have been great, but I don't think it's stood the test of time well.

Next up is Pulstar. It's way too hard for its own good. I know some people can get through this game with little problem, so maybe I just suck.
I like a challenge and all in a game, but it's hard for all the wrong reasons. This game IS all about recognizing patterns and making sure you don't make 1 tiny mistake. If you do, you're dead, and you have to restart earlier in the board. Pulstar would be much better if either a) you could take more than 1 hit before dying or b) your next life began immediately where you died (ala Metal Slug).

Now, this is my first post here, so please don't beat me up too badly.


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God that was a stupid post

Just kidding man I totally agree with you on the Magician Lord. Maybe if they came out with an updated version people would like the origanal more. But Pulstar is a very hard game and its ok but it isn't the best.