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Oct 24, 2001
I have been thinking about getting a midi controller for a while, it is just something I always kind of wanted to play with. There seems to be an expert on every subject here so I figured I would check on peoples opinions. Anyway I was thinking of getting this thing -


I like having the 88keys so I can use it to learn piano if I ever feel like it... Anyway anyone have an opinion on the company or another option they think I should think about? (200 in near my cap of what I am willing to spend though if it was a Huge difference I would probably bend on the price point.)

Anyway thinks in advance for any advice ;)

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Jul 26, 2004
depends really, what are you going to use a midi controller with, software wise? do you want some assignable knobs/buttons on it for parameters in whatever DAW you're using?

if you're just looking for something to play notes with, then those m-audio controllers are quite nice for the price, i've played with them before at my friend's house.

m-audio in general actually just tend to make pretty good controllers considering their reasonable price point.

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Aug 17, 2002
I like mine, but I think you can find that same controller for like $80 less new if you look around.


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Oct 10, 2002
Can't go wrong with M-Audio midi controllers. They're affordable and work quite well. I've used one in conjunction with Garageband to lay down melodies before and it's really easy.


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Jan 12, 2001
88 keys is nice to have.
but get it in the case that you really want that keyboard feel.
in that case you'll probably still have to pay extra for a keyboard that actually has
action in the keys,
my bad. didn't see it was semi weighted keys.
that and do you really want to go all out classical in your playing?
otherwise you could get a < 88 keyboard.
less space, cheaper, and you could always switch octives in the case you need it.
if you're doing weird and wacky computer stuff or just doing small samples then
you don't need the all out 88.
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