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I currently own Metal Slug and Metal Slug 2 on NEO CD and I am getting Metal Slug 3 home cartridge soon. Is Metal Slug X substantially different from the other titles to make it worth the purchase? The graphics look very similar to the second title...

I was bidding on Metal Slug X today on eBay but I got outbid in the last second:

Bearing in mind that I am not really a collector, should I buy this game?


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I have to tell you, Metal Slug X is an incredible game. There's no question in my mind, its worth it . . . bigtime. I've heard from some sources that Metal Slug X is what Metal Slug 2 SHOULD HAVE BEEN, but MS2 was rushed out early. Whether that's true or not, it's an awesome game . . .

It is true that, in some ways MSX is like a "remix" or upgrade of MS2, but there are enough changes to make it worth it. Luckily, I think there were quite a few MSX carts produced, as opposed to the MS2 or (almost impossible to find) MS1 games.

MS3 is of course a masterpiece, and a must have for any true arcade action freaks!

You should be able to get an MSX cart for a decent price, if you stick with it. Good luck . . . if you decide to go for it!
What SNK did with metal slug x was cut backgrounds and then re-arrange thier order, changed color pallets (example: mission 1 in the desert takes place at night instead of the day, add a couple new weapons (not sure but I think the IRON LIZZARD power up was added for X, correct me if Im wrong),added a few new enimies and encouters( Jeeps added to new york level) and also boss encounters were changed.(you fight the harrier jet at the end of mission 3 instead of at the end of mission 1. Hope That helps...go fot it! BLAST AWAY AND GO! GO! GO!!!



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In my opinion, Metal Slug X is the best and most solid Slug game. I rank them this way :

1. Metal Slug X
2. Metal Slug 3
3. Metal Slug
4. Metal Slug 2

Metal Slug X is everything Slug 2 should have been. IMHO, there is no reason to own 2 if you own X. X corrects just about all the problems 2 has. Something about it that even 3 doesnt have so much, is the classic "Slug" gameplay and feel. Slug X really fits with me, kinda the same way people prefer KOF 98 over 99 because KOF 98 feels more "KOF."

Sorry if that doesn't make sense. Find yourself a copy of slug x.

I agree, but this is my opinion:

Metal Slug 1
Metal Slug 3
and then Metal Slug X
Last is Slug 2.

I love the more "serious combat" style in Slug 1 .


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If you're not a collector and have played Metal Slug 2, don't bother with X, here're the additional stuff you'll find in X:

-Mummied dogs in stage 2.
-You're able to get fat in every stage.
-Space ship (tiny ones) start appearing in around stage 4, rather than the last one.

If you have arcade mod in the home cart system, you're able to play additional stages but since you have the first one, all these are redundant.