Matrimelee Bootleg?


Krauser's Shoe Shiner
:conf: I recently Bought a Matrimelee of a pal of mine that had a lot of games he bought,
I played it and it playes perfect.
the color of the cartrage matched the picks on the cart picks of this site *yellow*
the sticker on the front looks right except no Serial numbers,
I thought that was weird but the noise factory info was all there and it was reflective.
my friend gave me a screwdriver and said i could take a peek inside , he didnt know what to look for but I had a Idea,
well when i cracked open the cart, the boards was made by Eolith
and it had 2 Eproms and various other *non toshiba chips*
I guess i know the answer that it is a bootleg but i would like to know for sure,
boot or no boot?
no snk boards and Eproms.

the board is printed with this
Distributed by Eolith of Abs Corperation

the label looks legit noise factory and atlus all the info is there
please help