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These rules supersede any previous Market Rules. Official changes will be made to the first post (this post) of this thread and the accompanying thread in SNK Selling.


The Market Forum Rules
Thank you for your interest in participating in the Market forums. Before you proceed, please read and adhere to the following rules and requirements.

1. General Provisions

1.1. By choosing to do business on these Market forums (å￾￾orums?, members of these forums (ç♥¥ser? are willfully consenting to the rules stated in this post (é›»ocument?.

1.2. All transactions and interactions on these forums are governed by the rules set forth in this document.

1.3. These rules are subject to enforcement by the Moderators and Administrators of the forums. Enforcement will be on a case-by-case basis. Decisions on how rules will be enforced or interpreted, and/or any associated punishment, is left to the discretion of the Moderators and Administrators.
2. Seller Requirements

2.1. A seller is any user who sells items of any kind on the forums.

2.2. Any user who wants to sell or trade through the forums shall meet the following requirements: they shall have been a member for at least one month and/or have a post count of at least 100 posts. Any user attempting to take advantage of the non-Market forums to meet these requirements will be subject to action by Moderators and Administrators.

2.3. Sellers with insufficient (little or no) feedback and/or posts may be asked to ship items first (ship items before payment is sent), or allow local pickup. Sellers with insufficient feedback and/or posts who refuse to ship first or to allow local pickup can be identified as scammers by forum members, and will be subject to deletion or banning by the Moderators and Administrators. An example of the situation may be found here:

2.4. Users who commit scams using the forums may have their account restricted or deleted by the Moderators and Administrators. Offending accounts may be marked with reference to the transaction.

2.4.1. Moderators and Administrators have the discretion to permit a probation period for the offending user to acceptably rectify the situation.

2.4.2. Any user who commits a scam on this website forfeits all privacy rights to their name, address and any other discoverable personal information until the situation has been acceptably rectified. Any such information can be posted on the forums, resulting in public availability on web search engines (e.g. Google).​

2.5. Any user who commits a scam outside of the forums may be subject to having their account restricted or deleted by the Moderators and Administrators for the safety and protection of other members.

2.6. Any user who has no interest in being a member of the community should not join the forum just to sell their items. These forums are not meant to be an equivalent of eBay or Yahoo! Auctions. Any user suspected of this kind of behavior may be subject to actions by Moderators and Administrators.
3. Definition of Common Sales Terms

3.1. FS = For Sale

3.2. FT = For Trade

3.3. FA = For Auction

3.4. WTB = Want to Buy

3.5. WTT = Want to trade for

3.5. Condition scale. For SNK and Neo Geo-related items, please refer to the scale provided by the Neo Store: For other items, try to adapt the Neo Store scale to non-SNK and Neo Geo-related items. This will allow a minimum of buyer/seller/trader confusion.
4. Forums

4.1. (SNK) Neo Selling Items permitted for sale include any SNK released game for the Arcade (including PCBs and complete cabinets), Neo Geo AES/NGH (home cartridge), Neo Geo MVS (arcade cartridge), Neo Geo CD, Neo Geo Hyper 64, Neo Geo Pocket (B&W or Color), the various ports to other Systems SNK released (e.g. Twinkle Star Sprites for the DC, Guerilla War for the NES), any SNK released hardware, third party products that works with SNK systems, and any SNK collectible such as key chains, art books, etc. Only items offered for sale (or auction) should be listed here.

4.2. (SNK) Neo Wanted This forum is an opportunity for users to post wanted (to buy or trade) requests for items that qualify under the (SNK) Neo Selling forum. Such want ads or trade lists should NOT be associated with items listed for sale in another forum.

4.3. Everything Else Buy/sell/trade any items not listed in the (SNK) Neo forums; not limited to video games.

4.3.1. Zelda doll trading forum (ZDTF) As a subset of Everything Else, ZDTF is for sales and trade of all arcade hardware and software. MVS hardware and software may be listed in (SNK) Neo Selling. Zelda dolls may also be traded here, however no Neutropia.
4.4. Off-Site Commerce Any off-site sales, including but not limited to eBay auctions, Amazon listings, Craigslist, etc, should be listed here regardless of what is being sold.

4.4.1. Off-site commerce includes auction sites (e.g. eBay, Yahoo!, GameGavel, etc), other online marketplaces (e.g. Amazon, Craigslist, Kijiji, etc), other forums, or anything similar where items for sale are not exclusive to this website (on-site).

4.4.2. A user who has started a bona fide FS or FT thread in one of our other forums (Neo Selling, Everything Else, ZDTF) and, after a reasonable period of time (See ァ 4.4.3.), decides to move the remaining items into an off-site location (See ァ 4.4.1.), may make the change in the original FS or FT thread and is not required to have it moved to Off-Site Commerce. In addition, a user who has moved items to off-site sales in accordance to this rule may additionally create a new thread in Off-Site Commerce to advertise the items that were moved to off-site sales.

4.4.3. Anyone who abuses the "reasonable period of time" clause of ァ 4.4.3. will be subject to action by Moderators and Administrators. Do not try to game the system.

4.4.4. Users may post links to off-site sales that are not their own. Anyone suspecting of spamming or otherwise abusing this rule will be subject to action by Moderators and Administrators.

4.4.5. Users who ignore Off-Site Commerce and post or abuse the rules to promote off-site commerce in the other forums will be subject to action by Moderators and Administrators.​

4.5. Feedback Forum This forum allows users to note whether they had a good or bad experience with a seller or buyer and want to notify others about the experience. Abuse of this forum is subject to action by Moderators and Administrators. See ァ 7.1.2.

5. Items that may NOT be sold through the forums

5.1. Any item that violates established intellectual property rights, including copyright, trademark or patent, is prohibited and subject to immediate removal by Moderators and Administrators. These include, but are not limited to:

5.1.1. 釘ootleg versions of games, including but not limited to those on MVS.

5.1.2. Any home-copied versions of games, including but not limited those burned onto CD-R.​

5.2. Conversions of games from one format to another may not be sold, including but not limited to MVS games converted into an AES cartridge

5.3. Sales of the copies of artwork, manuals, mini-marquee, etc. are prohibited. If you are going to sell photocopies of artwork or manuals, they may not be sold in the forum. You may only list them in the forum if you are giving them away for free (not making a profit on them).​

6. Additional Forum Rules

6.1. The location field of a userç—´ profile should CORRECTLY identify where the user is located. Users in the United States, its Territories or Canada should provide City and State/Province. Users located outside of the US, its Territories or Canada should provide City and Country.

6.2. Market forums are for buying, selling, and trading only. They are not for extraneous discussion. Please post outside discussions in the proper forum outside of the Market forums.

6.3. Within the Market forums, threads regarding good or bad experiences with a seller or buyer should be posted in the Feedback Forum.

6.4. Sales threads should not be æ¾±umped (posted in by the seller to move to the top of the forum) for 24 hours. This includes having someone else bump oneç—´ thread. The only exception is for update indicating that something is no longer for sale or available.

6.5. No user may have more than one current thread in each of the three sales-related Market forums (SNK Selling, SNK Wanted, Everything Else). If a user has multiple items for sale (or that they want to buy or trade), they should list them all in one thread.

6.6. If all items listed in a sales thread are sold (or that are wanted have been bought), please update that thread to let other users know.

6.7. There is to be no è￾Ÿoisoning of other users sales threads, e.g.: if a seller is selling something for $100, posting that the same item is available eBay for $70 would be considered è￾Ÿoisoning the thread. These forums operate under the view that it is each buyerç—´ responsibility to research the fair market price for an item.

6.7.1. There is only an exception if the seller has been identified as a scammer.
6.8. Do not disrupt another sellerç—´ thread unless the seller has been identified as a scammer.

6.9. Selling threads regarding auctions should be identified as such in the title.

6.10. The titles for all threads should clearly state what is for sale, wanted or trade. Vague and/or misleading titles are subject to action by Moderators and Administrators.

6.11. Only list items for sale that are actually in your possession. Do not list items that are for a friend or other third party unless the item is actually in your possession.

6.12. If you are advertising auctions on other websites (e.g. eBay), please refrain from selling the item on these forums and closing those auctions early.

6.13. Whenever possible, please post photos of your items for sale. Please comply with requests to provide photos of items. New and/or suspicious users may be asked to post a photo of the item with a piece of paper showing the date the photo was taken. This may be requested as evidence that a user actually possesses the item. Refusing to post a photo when requested may result in users reporting the offender as a scammer and action by Moderators and Administrators.

6.14. Users should ALWAYS describe the condition of boxes, manuals, discs, carts, etc. Be sure to note if the items being sold are complete, loose, has manual, back cover, etc. Deception is not tolerated; e.g., if a listing has photos of the front of a cartridge, but there is a Blockbuster sticker on the back, it should be clearly noted in the description.

6.15. Users must list their shipping methods. If using media mail, buyers should be informed before they agree to complete the transaction.

6.16. Always ship using some method of tracking. When using UPS, FedEx, or DHL, tracking is almost always included. However, when using USPS (United States Postal Service), use delivery confirmation if tracking is not otherwise available. It only costs $.50 to add é›»elivery confirmation, and it may prevent confusion during a transaction will help prevent a user from being labeled a scammer if the item is æ–—ost in the mail.

6.17. Sellers should list forms of acceptable payment. Note: Most users on this site use PayPal, thus sellers should make it clear if they do not accept PayPal. Sellers should note if they accept money orders, cash, and checks. It is acceptable to wait for personal checks to clear.​

7. Feedback

7.1. Feedback left in the forums may only be left for transactions conducted through the forums. This means that there must be a thread in the Market forums which provided the basis of the transaction. There are two exceptions:

7.1.1. Transactions occurring outside of the forums that include a thread in the Market forums. For example: if a person sells an item on eBay, feedback should be left for that transaction on eBay, not in these forums. However, if a person lists an item for sale on eBay and this forum, then feedback may be left for the transaction in both eBay and this forum.

7.1.2. Any scam, anywhere by anyone, may be reported in our Feedback Forum as a warning to users in the Community.
7.2. When leaving feedback, one must list the thread that served as the basis of the transaction.

7.3. Abuse of the feedback function, e.g. leaving negative feedback without cause, will cause offending users to be subject to action by Moderators and Administrators.

7.3.1. Anyone receiving unwarranted feedback should report the action to a Moderator or Administrator for correction.


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Dec 4, 1977
This thread is closed for the sake of keeping suggestions and discussions in one, centralized location: so please go here.

Update July 1, 2011​

– Added information to integrate Market Rules with new Off-Site Commerce forum, see §§ 4.4 and 4.4.X.
– Codified ZDTF with § 4.3.1.
– Tweaked feedback rules by adding §§ 7.3 and 7.3.1.
– Added indents for better readability.​


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This Market Faq is now DEFUNCT as of 17th June 2017.

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