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Jul 8, 2003
11,445 Market Rules. (edited as of 11th July 2017)

Hello Lads and Lassies. This is the new Market Forum Rule Set.

Let's get a few things out of the way:

A) FIRSTLY, All sales and trades are at your own risk. It is your responsibility to ensure you are involved in a legitimate deal.
B) is not involved or responsible in any way for private deals arranged between members.

SO, Let's get to it:

1. Who can use the Market?
The Market is open to all members who have achieved PM privileges. However, Members who are seen to be just using to access the Market place maybe subject to account restriction.

2. Who CAN'T use the Market?
a) The Market is closed to Scammers, TimeWasters etc etc.
b) If Rot catches you talking shit about the website (on or OFF site) and yet you still feel you want to use our market place. Think again as Rot will restrict your Market access.

3. For Sale Threads. (FS)
a) Prices must be put on each item.
b) Pictures are optional (but recommended).
c) Postage Costs should be included if possible.
d) Sold Prices must be left on after a sale completion.
e) The user has a RIGHT to discriminate on who they deal with.
f) Paypal Gift ONLY payment options are NOT allowed. You must have BOTH the option for Paypal Gift and the Price plus the correspondant/applying Paypal Fee. (BUT if you pay via Paypal Gift, you are on your OWN if shit happens).

4. Other Market Threads.
a) Make Me An Offer Sales (MMAO) threads are NOT allowed.
b) Trade Threads are allowed but must be clearly stated as such.
c) Wanted To Buy threads are also allowed and you may include a price or MMAO.

5. General Rules.
a) Thread poisoning is frowned upon but will be dealt with on a case to case basis.
b) NO FAKE Market threads.
c) If you are caught Scamming/Flipping you will be subject to a review of your account and disciplinary action.
d) You are allowed ONE selling thread in the individual Market forums. Multiple sales threads for the same sort of stuff will be merged/deleted.
e) Bootlegs/Conversions etc etc is a very grey area and you should ask before you include them in a Market thread.
f) When committing to a deal, please make sure you get EVERYTHING down in writing. A promise is a promise. However, I do NOT want Stuff like this happening EVER again.
g) ALL completed deals (whether you completed it on or not) MAY NOT be edited out entirely. It must have the core of the original posts and be left on for reference.

Some General Notes:
Currently the Market is overseen by the entire memberbase and as such you will be scrutinised by them. However, the LAST word is with the Mod Team.

If you are unsure how to proceed then ASK someone, mainly one of the mod team. The current Market Mod is this guy: Rot.

However, you may contact any of the mod team if you want.


PS. These rules are subject to revision at ANY time and should be used as a guide to how the Market works.
PPS. The Market can be a very grey area on the forums and will be subject to the Mods reviewing individual cases.
PPPS. You may suggest an amendment to this Market FAQ in THIS THREAD.
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