Magic Key


Astra Superstar
im thinking about picking one of these up at some point, anybody have any experience with it? Any issues with any games?i heard Garou can have problems. Ive been wanting to pick up an Omega but with the Canadian $ being shit i dont think thatll be option for a while.


This converter is very nice if you get the most recent one (green/blue shell). It has no issues with any original games that I have tested so far (more than 60 different MVS games, including Metal Slug X), but NGDev games will not work with it. Knight's Chance does work fine with it, tho. Also, if you use it with a 161-in-1 cart, you gotta keep pressed the black button on the converter when starting the AES and when selecting a new game. I soldered a two-position switch to the converter in parallel with the button, so that it keeps the connection at all times (as if the button was constantly pressed). It works beautifully.