Legendary heading towards a Godzilla vs. King Kong collision in the 2020s?


The Wonder Years,
Mar 4, 2001
Comic Con revealed that Legendary's mystery movie is Skull Island (a King Kong flick). It remains to be seen how big Kong will be, but if he is bigger than normal previous editions, I think it's a decent shot you will see a Kong and Godzilla showdown sometime in the 2020s. It looks like the company is going for a kaiju brand to combat the superhero movie craze. Or maybe Kong will team up with Godzilla, who knows.

On a side note, Legendary also announced that they have acquired the rights to Rodan, Mothra and Ghidorah for the future Godzilla sequels.

Huge news. Just a shame Godzilla 2 won't be released until 2018 at the very latest, since Gareth Edwards is helming G2 and he's also directing the Star Wars spin-off, which releases 2016. He won't have time to work on the Godzilla sequel until 2016, so expect not to see the Big Guy for at least another 4 years (quite a long time). Fortunately, hopefully that extra time and experience filming Star Wars will make Edwards a better director and the sequel will plug up some of the flaws and holes in the 2014 movie, which I liked, but also was a bit disappointed in. Cranston should have had a bigger role; ATJ couldn't carry the film IMO as his acting was a bit wooden. And no more fight teases!

Hoping Godzilla 2 can be a bit like how Dark Knight was to Batman Begins.
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