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Raiden's Valet
For anyone who cares about the Digger Man artwork, or a little info about it....
This is posted at on the page where Digger Man lived.

The Digger Man artwork will be offline for the next couple of months at the request of the Publisher. We feel that his request is legitimate since we discussed the situation with him. We are not here to hurt the Neo Geo community, we are only here to help it! We will then discuss with the publisher when its is a good time to put the artwork back online. The publisher plans on completing the game in the next couple months, and then releasing it to the arcade market.
Currently, he has no deals with anyone for a home cart release of the game, but they might pursue that avenue later. Anyone who is distributing an "official" copy of Digger Man with "official" artwork is going against the publisher's wishes. Not to be a source of rumors, but the Digger Man publisher also said that they might have a couple more Neo Geo MVS releases coming.
Hopefully this will be true!