kof 97 boot?


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I got the KOF97 on the left from a forum member together with 10 other games, I can easily tell all other games I bought from him are legit but I'm totally lost about this one. I got the one at the right on ebay and it certainly looks legit (case and label are also legit on this one), I simply put them both together for comparison. I didn't need a duplicate at all but the seller was selling all the carts together so I had no choice.

here are the pics:



Higher res pics:


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Wow, that's the ugliest boot I've seen in a while. Does it work?


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Thhe one on the left looks like the board had chips and solder vomited on it.


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OP, that's clearly a total boot. the Intel flash memory, random resistor (I think is what I see), horribly messy soldering, rampant pencils marks on chips, and EPROMS, are all bad signs. There's nothing right about this cart, except the SNK board.

Out of curiosity, have you tried firing it up? If not, I'm not sure I'd even risk it. I've thrown some ugly-ass carts in my MVS, and that tops 'em all.

Wow!! First Time I've ever seen or heard of a KOF 97 boot..:oh_no:
Eh, I know there was a Plus version of KOF97 at one point; maybe it's a KOF97 Plus.

Thhe one on the left looks like the board had chips and solder vomited on it.
123►Genei-Jin;2745726 said:
Yup, what threw me off at 1st was how one of the PCBs looks legit, everything else is a soldering mess.
Most boots use legit PCBs. It's the really well-made ones that have custom PCBs. Seriously, you shouldn't have posted this. It's as obvious as a boot can get.

Now quit trying to cover for your ignorance on the subject. Live and learn.


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Nah, man, you're cool. So have you tried firing that one up?

BTW, don't quote me on those being Intel flash chips; I think it's what they are, but not 100% sure. That really is a funky mess of chips. I'm used to seeing EPROMS or flash memory, but never both in the same cart. Is that a resistor on the messier of the two boards?


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it works :rolleyes: about the resistor, I don't really know much about electronics so I can't tell the difference between resistors, capacitors, condensers and all that stuff :confused:


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That aint no reisistor, its the bootleggers favourite "we're too cheap to even use a 3.3Volt regulator" double diode hack job.

The replacement intel flashes used to replace some of the roms are ok with the standard 5v but the pair with the smaller packages will be 3.3v parts.

The forward biased diode drops a small voltage, about 0.7 in this case. So by using a pair of them in series the bootleggers are dropping the standard 5v supply down to around 3.6 which they deem ok to supply the other two boards.


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That is the worst boot I have ever seen. I too have never heard of a KOF 97 boot either.


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There's a few 97 boots that have extra characters (Orochi, and a few others) on the character select screen, so there's at least that.