Killer Instinct 2 End Finishers?


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Oct 10, 2000
Maybe somebody here can shed some light on this question as I can't find any info online and find it odd that nobody has asked this question in over 25 years...

I've always liked the first two KI games for what they are, but something always bothered me about KI2; how the end finishers on combos work. In order to increase the hits in an end finisher from a single hit to the full four hits, you have to use each of the 4 finishers during the match at the end of 4 separate combos. If you reuse one finisher before completing the set, it won't count toward the total. I get why the system is in place as it forces the player to use a different finisher a the end of every combo for variety (I mean, that is the only thing that makes sense to me). The adverse effect is that in order to get all 4 hits on your finishers you are stuck doing short combos to try to get all the finishers in during a single match. Granted, if you do all four finishers in a match you gain access to a hidden 5th - but by that time you might as well use an Ultra combo and end the match that way.

When KI Gold came out on the N64 Rare included an option in the extras menu that let you turn on full finishers for every match. This was super handy.

So, finally, my question is - is there a dip switch setting or any other way to enable this in the arcade version? I suspect not, but thought I'd throw the question out there.


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Mar 22, 2016
As far as I know, that is not an option on the Arcade version, since it wasn't really meant for home use or 'easy mode.'

And it's not 4... its 5 :)

I dont know all of them for everyone as it's been 500 years but I do remember Jago's, and of course they can be done in any order. (except the final one, it has to be last)

Fierce fireball
Fierce sword
Fierce wind kick
Fierce shoryuken
The final one is a shoryuken with middle punch. That one has a little animation where he double hits with the knee, then foot, and ends with an uppercut, I believe.


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Jan 16, 2014
Nope... not part of the dip switches. In single player, you're generally better off doing short combos anyway as they tend to break anything longer than Starter->Auto-Double/Manual->Ender after the 3rd or 4th fight.

And that stuff's more or less irrelevant in real matches.