K7000 Convergence Advice Needed.


Twinkle Star Sprite
Hi all, I finally decided to take a crack at my Neo Geo's convergence.

Prior to me tinkering:
Magenta/Green all over was off, as well as terrible corner convergence.

I have fixed most of the Magenta/Green, but the bottom half of the screen still has it off a decent amount.
I have not touched Corner Convergence, as I will wait to do that outside of the cabinet, and when the static convergence is fixed.

I have attached a photo of the whole screen on crosshatch.

My question is, how shall I continue static adjustment?
Would it be best to restart, with them in the 10-2 positions as the K7000 manual suggests?

I am mainly lost because it's only half the screen, instead of the entirety.


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