iTrader feedback for a transaction that didn't take place on the marketplace?


Ask him what it means to rot him
Sep 18, 2007
Hey guys

I just bought a whole bunch of Star Trek LaserDiscs from Schnuth.

I wanted to report positive iTrader feedback for him, but the thought occurred that our transaction didn't take place in the marketplace forum. I saw a post he made in the LaserDisc collecting thread in Unrelated Topics and PM'd him, and the deal took place entirely over PM.

I just wanted to ask what the protocol was for reporting feedback on transactions that didn't have a marketplace thread. I didn't want to report feedback on him if there's some sort of rule against this particular circumstance.



Chang's Grocer
Jun 30, 2010
If you really really want to leave the guy iTrader feedback for a non-marketplace Txn, then just use an old FS thread url of his for iTrader however make sure your iTrader comments reflect the Txn that just occurred.

Aside from that, all you can do just open a Thread about the guy in the Feedback Forum and let everyone know how your Txn went.

IMHO, I've always thought that the latter is better (and the former is more of a formality).