Is this KOF 98 a boot?


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Its a Japanese labeled KOF 98. The blue case was one of the color choices for the carts for that game. There's no real way to tell if its a boot or not by just the outside, you have to look at the boards inside.

But more than likely, its not a boot. The choice is up to you.

If you ever come across JP label games, here's a useful link for comparison:


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This NewEraVideogames ebay seller sucks, overcharges an assload on shipping, i'd stay clear if i were you


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There's no absolute way to tell unless you take a look at the PCBs / chips. As mentioned earlier, that particular cart looks like it's probably legit.

Blue was one of the original casing colors of KoF 98 MVS, and it looks like the cart has an original JP label. You generally don't find as many re-printed JP labels as English.
I give this auction a "pass" because it states that the game is original in the title (rather than leaving it ambiguous like most bootleg sellers) and the game in the photo appears to be very likely an original. I don't know of KOF '98 bootlegs that bothered to use the same blue shell.


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I'd say that it's legit.
Price is around the normal rate for japanese legit 98-carts. Looks like original label and cart.
Of course, the inside could be filled with... well anything, but I would not suspect a bootleg really.