introducing myself


Bashful Neophyte

I just discovered this forum while looking desperately for Last Blade 2 tracklists (will someone please romanise the OST lists for me at least? lol). Real sorry I hadn't come here earlier

Unlike probably a lot of you, I don't own a Neo system, and have never contributed a dime to them or SNK. I spent a fair bit of money on MVS machines in the arcade, bought a few conversions (WH1, SS on the SNES, SS on the 3DO) but could never afford the actual system or the games themselves when I was a kid (LIKE many of you *G*). So I was surprised at how bad and scummy I felt having been playing roms when I heard they were on the verge of closing down, especially now I'm a big boy with.. still a little wage lol.

Yup, I'm a born again Neofreak with Neorage and all the roms of everything I ever played (and wanted to play), and I'll say one thing. Raiden (FF) looks a LOT smaller than I remembered, especially when I powerwave-burnknuckle him into double perfect rounds

Oh yes, had to reply to all the interesting threads before actually introducing myself. Oops

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Welcome. The brightest minds and sharpest intellects of the neo community can he found on these forums. Enjoy your stay.