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Dec 4, 1977
Welcome to's latest addition to the popular Market Forums: Off-Site Commerce!

Added by popular demand, this forum is meant for all sales that are occurring off of the Market Place.

How will Off-Site Commerce work with the rest of the Market Forum?

(1) If you are advertising your online auction (eBay, Yahoo!, GameGavel, etc), a listing on another marketplace (Amazon, Craigslist, Kijiji, etc), or another forum, feel free to place as much information as you'd like here. We certainly have a large number of users who might be interested in many of the the items you are selling.

(2) If you have begun an on-site Sales thread in one of our other forums (Neo Selling, Everything Else, ZDTF) and, after a reasonable period of time (see below), you decide to move the remaining items into an off-site location (such as an auction), you may simply make the change in your original thread and are not required to have it moved here. In addition, you create a new thread in Off-Site Commerce to advertise the items that were moved to off-site sales (effectively cross-posting your listing).

(3) Anyone who abuses the "reasonable period of time" clause of (2) will be subject to corrective actions by the moderators and administrators of Please don't try to game the system.

(4) Unlike the other Market Forums, feel free to list Off-Site sales that aren't your own if you think they'll be interesting to members here (e.g. Yahoo! Japan). If this turns into spamming, we will take corrective actions.

(5) People who ignore this forum and post or abuse the rules in order to promote off-site commerce in the other forums will be subject to corrective actions.​

This thread is closed but if you have feedback, please feel free to post in our Suggestions forum!

We're happy to provide this new forum and we hope it works well for everyone --in the spirit of all of us here at the Market Place: caveat emptor! :very_ang:
Not open for further replies.