I'm lost. No AES from VGD?


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I'm confused now. Will VGD be getting in any of the AES carts? What about the people who pre-ordered? How do you feel and what are you going to do? This is your chance to explain your situation.


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VGD already posted a long letter about how NGF f*cked everyone over and they won't be getting any carts. I thought you would have seen that by now:

If that link doesn't work, just go to:

and click on News, look for the 11/24/00 link about Neo Geo cart bad news.

And NCS still claims that they are getting in some carts and CDs, but not nearly as many as originally estimated:

So that's the situation.

How does everyone feel about this? Well, some words that come to mind are angry, bitter, betrayed, screwed, etc. It doesn't really matter as much to me, since my collection is pretty decent. But for those people who didn't have so many carts or CDs, who had a chance to get many at good prices, its a shame.

Now what I want to see is how "NGF" is going to move 1200 or however many carts, in a decent amount of time. Would take a LONG time through eBay, plus the fees and no guaranteed prices for carts. And other big retailers aren't going to buy from them, so that leaves . . . well, nowhere?

It's going to be quite interesting, that's for sure.


I'm pretty mad because I pre-order several Carts from NCS and VGD.....fuck...