i need some help



a few years back i saw this system (neo-geo) in the stores and now i notice this forum is up well i was wonder whats so great about this system ? i mean i looks really neat but whats the dillyo does this system have good graphic or something and if i was looking for one where could i purchase this system ?
hey someone else from houston....

well I guess the best way is to ask if you ever have seen the Neo geo Arcade system. Depends where you go but I know there are a couple at the go kart tracks, golf parks around town. there are two in alameda mall. the galleria does not have one in that new monster arcade there and neither does dave and busters. I have not checked out that new restraunt by the edwards theater though, hmmmm. Anyway my point being is that the neo is the same thing as the arcade system except you play them on your tv at home... more or less.

I actually do not know of any places in houston that sell the neo anymore. there was a shop in King wood but they are mail order only. i guess one of these days I need to go through the phone book and drive around to a few gaming stores to see if any of them have neo stuff in stock. maybe search the pawn shops. I'm pretty busy most of the time so I do not get around as much as I used to. when i first got into it I bought my first neo from a used game shop and then picked up games from them and babagges when they still had them. after that I went mail order, auctions and news site for everything else.
funny one benares. The neo geo is the greatest home console ever created, and is one of the few ways you can actually enjoy arcade excitement at home. The games are truly what make the system, and the greatest 3D games ever created are found here. Fighters, shooters, and puzzle games are many of the systems strong points, while it still delivers thrills in the form of sports games, and other well-crafted titles. If you get sick of all the "polygon pushing madness" that goes on these days, the neo is a fresh alternative to all that crap. I have virtually every console on the current market, but I go back to my neo for true arcade enjoyment. Supporting the neo can be an expensive hobby to have, and for some people it is the only game system in town; but the benefits are so rewarding, not only in term of gameplay, but just of experiencing truly masterful 2D gaming. If you are looking to get a system or anything else neo, Shawn who runs this site is an excellent place to start, or you can check around with just about any of the memebers here. The only place I personlly suggest you stay away from is NGF (neogeofreak.com), because they are known for screwing people, and when you are talking about the kind of money it sometimes takes to plan neo geo, you dont want to take any chances on being screwed. Hope you get a system and are able to fully enjoy its benefits, and welcome to these forums.
no they do not make the system. the still make games for it though. At least until King of fighters 2000 comes out, then who knows.
Yeah, Bruno is right; the rumor mill has it that the last AES release is KOF 2000, but with Aruze at the helm we are all hoping for more games to come. Although the system is no longer in production, many of them are readily available for purchase, and with the hardcore community that exits for this system, there are people who can perform system repairs/modifications should the need arise. Its a good community to be a part of, it really is.


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Am I the only one that caught JRock saying "The games are truly what make the system, and the greatest 3D games ever created are found here. " :-)
you know, sometimes my ability to type just SUCKS, but I am glad you guys got a laugh out of it...2D games, 2D games dammit!!!