I know this is off topic but i just want to explain my self.


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At this time, im not working and. i dont have a computer to use, so its hard for me to get on the internet.
My wife just had a baby which is why i left my work because of some problems,, and not its really hard time for me, i had to get a little bit of time and walk to the library, since i dont have money for gas and the little that i get i use it for food...i use the library computer and explain to people what happend to me, and why i havent been log on....I just need a little bit of time to get back on my feet,and go on, i ask you guys to please give me a couple of weeks and you will get your stuff from me........

I have email all the people that i may deals with in here and explain my situation at this time.
the bad traders reports>
Well i had no ideas about them, since its been a while since i last log on, but they been taking care and should be erase soon, i had made other deals with people in here and they now that im trustworthy and i send there stuff fast and safe.
its just of the problems that have been happening to me this last days...
im not trying to ripp no1 off, i have made deals with shawn and the last one we made was a big one and it went fine....
i hope you guys would understand...


today forever

i never met nor spoken to you before,

but this i can tell you man

good luck,
got me fingers tightly crossed for yer

keep your chin up

- peace out -


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Iv been there... even the library thing (no phone line for 3 months from March to July this year! Good luck, it will get better.
Well, let us wait. I understand you'r situation.


(Waiting for my Turbo Duo with games from Juan E aka Supra2000dc)


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What I don't understand is that, if Supra2000dc ALREADY HAD the stuff that he SOLD to various people here, then all he has to do is pack it up, and pay the shipping cost . . . which isn't that much. Is it so bad that you can't pay $10 or so for shipping on the items you ALREADY were PAID for? That sounds VERY FISHY to me, I don't trust someone who claims that things are so bad that he/she can't pay $5 or $10 for shipping!!!!!


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Yeah no kidding, I mean you have already been paid for the merchandise, all you have to do is ship it. Those people already paid you for shipping so unless you are just hording shipping money then there should be no problem. Right??? or did you just buy more beer with the money again and forgot how you got that money in the first place


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Juan Escarcega has honorably completed our deal and has given more than he was obligated to. The Black Book has been updated.
Juan, thanks for being honest.


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I agree that he should have made some attempt to ship the merchandise when he had the
money in hand, but I feel for your situation, Juan. I know what its like not to have a pot to piss in. Good luck and Godspeed.


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Well, he still owns me a new turbo duo with games. Still nothing. He say's that he had shipped it but when I asked for the tracking nr,he refused to give me one. Time went by. Complaint was sent! Still nothing.
He's still in my black book.

If i get my Turbo Duo or my exchange stuff back ( a lot of MVS carts) i would say some kind words. But for now- avoid this man!!! Dead end and pain in the ass Neo thief!!


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Hey Robi, I just got a new Dup and Express in Yesterday, we have dealt good in the past, maybe if you want to get together on a deal email me... tim@videogameland.com I dont blame you if you want to wait for the Duo you already paid for already