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So here's that time again, thread revisioned and updated.
payment via paypal or usps money orders accepted.
shipping for single game is provided via first class with tracking number,
some items include shipping rate factored in, some don't.
all items are tested and in condition as described, all sales are final.

here we go (sold items removed)

also pictured above - Neo Geo CD Euro System, laser doesn't work, but it power on, no hookups, just the system in good condition for $40 shipped.

Virtua Dual Stick Pro for Sega Saturn, HSS-0130, this particular stick was used only for few days when bought back in mid 1990's and stored ever since, box is a little beat up but stick itself is in beautiful condition, $350, collector's piece:



various import controllers(in excellent condition):
Virtua Cop Bundle for Saturn by Sega, $30
Beatmania DJ Station Pro Controller by Konami - $50
Para Para Paradise by Konami - $35

Ridge Racer Type 4 Jog-Con troller, $35 , never used.


Fighting Pads for PS2, ASCII, Capcom and SNK style, each for $38 shipped, Saturn Hori Pad, $15 shipped

Samba de Amigo Maracas by Sega's Sonic Team (Dreamcast) - $65 shipped,
House of the Dead 2 Gun by Sega (Dreamcast) - $35 shipped

2 Steel Battalion Controllers, both in box in excellent condition for Xbox, $110 each:


Official Black VGA Box by SEGA, Made in Japan, $160:


Konami's DDR Joypad, no dance mat necessary, $35:


Nintendo 64DD System Bundle - $600.
boxed in near mint condition with following games:


Brand New Border Down Limited Edition, Sealed, $290:


DreamEye Camera for Dreamcast, never used, - $35


Sega Mega CD Bundle(45 games), Japanese Imports, Games are complete and in excellent condition, they do not have jewel cases, so you'd have to buy bunch of Jewel Cases to make them complete but they are complete with inserts, manuals, etc.

whole set for $275, some rare titles there:




MVS Bundle 12 games, everything for $170:

1.Fatal Fury 2
2.Fatal Fury Special
3.Art of Fighting
4.Art of Fighting 2
5.Real Bout Fatal Fury
6.King of Fighters 95
7.King of Fighters 96
8.King of Fighters 2000
9.Master of Syuogi
10.2nd Mahjong
11.Art of Fighting 3
12.GanGan (aka Agressors of Dark Kombat)

Sega Genesis Games Bundle - $350 , comes with:
all games included below (couple rare japanese/european titles):




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Japanese Mortal Kombat II for Playstation, quite rare and difficult to find, minty, $70:


Bioshock Launch Party Limited Edition Faceplate, 3286/5100, $70:


US LE Gameboy Color (Pokemon Edition) with 6 Japanese/Complete Pokemons, $70:


Japanese Gameboy Import Bundle, 57 Complete Games(quite a few rarities), $220:





Club Nintendo 2009 Calendars, $15 shipped each:


Dreamcast Bundle, 61 games for $250 for all of them, great value:




Japanese RPG 35 Guides Bundle(they range from 100 to 500 pages per book) and are in great condition, great collectibles if you're a fan of rpg's, all Books for $240 (except the ones mentioned below pictures):




Shining Force Trilogy Guide Bundle - $60 and two SNK Guides(KOF, Samurai Spirits) - $35 for both

Nintendo 64 Import Bundle, comes with Boxed JPN N64 System(all hookups, Joypad) and following games, $220:

1.Wave Race 64
2.Blast Corps
3.Pokemon Satdium
4.Pokemon Stadium 2
5.Mario Kart 64
6.Mario Golf 64
7.Starfox 64
8.Perfect Dark
9.Donkey Kong 64
10.Mario Party
11.Mario Party 2
12.Mario Party 3
13.Zelda Ocarina of Time
14.Diddy Kong Racing
15.Banjo Kazooie
16.Banjo Tooie
17.Yoshi's Story
18.Ogre Battle 64
19.Paper Mario
20.Jet Force Gemini


Bangai-Oh JPN Import N64 cart (Shooter from Treasure) $35

29 JPN Saturn Imports, $120 for all of them:


118 various JPN Playstation Games Bundle, everything for $250:






24 RPG PSX Imports, $330(many rare rpg's in there, less than $20 a game, Azure Dreams excluded):


16 Games, Racing Bundle, PSX Imports, $100:


18 Shooters, PSX Import Bundle, $240 (Salamander and Policenauts excluded):


18 Fighters, PSX Imports, $200:


20 Action Adventure titles, PSX Imports, $160 (Castlevania excluded):


15 misc PSX Imports, $75:


thanks for visiting, hope you enjoyed your stay ^_~
please let me know if you have any questions.
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Sigma Raijin Supergun in near mint/mint condition, top of the line, this device will let you play all your Jamma Arcade Boards on your tv(in case you don't have a dedicated cabinet), $600:


Sega Saturn Hitachi Japanese Model, one of the toughest to find, in excellent condition, comes with original Pad, Hookups, 2 Memory Carts, 4mb ram expansion, King of Fighters Rom, $150:


Neo Geo Controllers:
1.Mint Neo Geo Bean Stick, $80 (as minty as they go)
2.Modded Neo Geo Bean Stick, $60
3.Mint Neo Geo Joypad(once again as minty as they go), $80


Nintendo 64 IQue Device, Basically N64 in a Joypad, hooks up to your TV, never used in box, $95:


CLD-A100 Laseractive System with Sega Module(US) as well as PC-Engine Module!, System is in very good condition but misses front cover on the cd tray, Sega Module acts finicky, $150.

PC-Engine (JPN) Module for CLD-A100, perfect working condition, $400, or I will sell all CLD-A100 items for $500.


3DO Magazine Bundle, all of the Panasonic 3DO Mags released in Japan(each measures about 150 pages), comes with CD's with Demo/Presentations, as well you're going to get whole bunch of promotional brochures, pamphlets related to 3DO, for collectors, $280:



Minty XRGB-2 Upscan Converter Unit, Mint in Box with necessary hookups as well as Official SNK RGB Cables, $300


Sony PSP, Japanese Launch Model (ver.1.00), never updated, the oldest firmware there is on it, and best for emulation, Boxed and Mint, used only few times, stored ever since, for collectors, $190:


1.Samba De Amigo US and Japanese Set, Complete, $90 and $80 respectively,
2.Beatmania US Bundle (with IIDX Controller), Brand New and Sealed, $50
3.Sega PC related Board, contains demos for Virtua Fighter, etc...boxed and never used - $45
4.Tri-Star 64, Boxed device that will let you play Snes on your N64, never used, $100:
5.Densha de Go 64 Controller, boxed, for N64 - $35
6.Virtua Cop 2 US Bundle, with gun, $35


Device Data Bank, supposedly lets you switch between RGB Signals, imported from Japan, never used it so I'm not sure how it works, $60

Killer Instinct PCB Board, in excellent condition, comes with original Hard Drive, $280:


Killer Instinct II PCB Board, in excellent condition, comes with original Hard Drive naturally, $260


Boxed FFIV(US) for GBA with Minimum Album from Japan, set for $20:


Halo 3 Limited Edition Set of Halo 3 Controllers(with figurine), Spartan Controller(with figurine) and Wireless Halo 3 Headset, will be shipped in Halo 3 Legendary Box, $150. Everything is brand new and sealed.


Various Figurines(all brand new and sealed):
1.Club Nintendo of Mario/Luigi/Yoshi/Peach/Toad Figurines, New and Sealed, $70
2.Final Fantasy XII Summon Figurine by Kotobukiya, $50
3.MGS2 Olga Figurine, $20
4.Crazy Taxi - $25
5.Crazy Taxi Prototype(1 of 500) - $30
6.SSX - $20
7.Jacky VF4 Figurine - $45


Various Controllers:
1.Wireless PS3 Nyko Controllers (With Dual Shock Rumble Fuctions), $20 each
2.Super Mario Kart Remote Racer, $70
3.N64 Gold Pad - $15
4.N64 Hudson Pad - $20
5.N64 Hori Pad (Gamecube Style), $40
6.Densha De Go Dreamcast Controller, $40
7.Timie Crisis II PS2 Bundle, $25
8.Fishing Controller for N64 - $35


Official Gran Turismo 4 Racing Wheel by Logitech, $100:


Boxed Tekken 5 Hori Fighting Sticks, $40 each:


Onimusha 3 Katana Limited Edition Controller, $30
Official Drummania Bemani/Konami Bundle, one with game, one without, those are higher end models, with stands - both sets for $150:


Sega Saturn Controllers Bundle(all brand new and official by SEGA), includes Wireless Controllers(!) as well as Mouse, "This Is Cool" Skeleton, Not for Sale Pad, 3D-Pads, etc...$250 for set:


Atomiswave Bundle, $1,000 (for use in a cabinet or with Supergun) ~
System is in minty condition and so are the games, AW Comes with original manual, included games are:
Horse Racing(one of the toughest titles to find on the platform)
Metal Slug 6 (fantastic game), comes with original manual
Hokuto no Ken aka Fist of the North Star (no introduction needed, truly awesome fighter)


thanks for visiting, hope you enjoyed your stay ^_~
please let me know if you have any questions.
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few additions in initial posts, and

following are gone:

XRGB-2 Upscan Converter Unit
Virtua Fighter 4 Stick for PS2
Street Fighter 15th anniversary Arcade Stick for PS2/Xbox
Playstation 2 Import Bundle
Sega Saturn Import Bundle
Biohazard 2 Controller for PSX
Resident Evil 4 Chainsaw LE for Gamecube
Atari Jaguar Bundle
Neo Geo Magazines
Typing of the Dead Bundle with USB Keyboard for PS2
Final Fantasy Soundtracks

thanks everyone,
if you want to make reasonable offer on multiple items,
feel free to do so.
thanks again :)


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items sold will be removed later,

new additions:

Hori Motorcycle Wheel, very cool, unusual design, for PS2 (will work also on PSX and maybe PS3 with converter), $35:


Official Snes Boxes(unfolded), brand new with "for Display only" message on the front, but except that, they're the same to their retail counterparts, complete your copy with a box!, let me know what you need:


Official Arcade Wheel Steering Wheel by SEGA for Dreamcast, $55:


5'' color game screen, for use with psone but will also work with anything else because it has chinch input, near mint - $30

PSX, with Serial Port, pad, cables, excellent condition, $25

Rumble Pack N64, brand new, $10

Sega Nomad (portable genesis), very good condition(light scratches on the screen), works fine $65

Sega GameGear with Tuner, PAL Edition(for both devices), $60

Dreamcast RF Switch - $8

Wideboy N64, plug it you N64, then plug your gameboy game and enjoy it on your tv, use your N64 controller to use it, very cool and very tough to find(never available for sale comercially), $150


Amiga CD-32 Socrates, Multimedia Patient Education System, functions just as regular CD-32, it's an NTSC Model, very tough to find, this one has been used only for testing, so it's basically new(plastic still hasn't been removed from the lid and hinges are intact).
comes with pad, necessary cables and all demo discs shown below, $250
SX-1 Expansion for CD-32, expands your CD-32 into Amiga computer, it gives you ability to display your games in RGB(native output), internal Hard Drive(100mb's, expendable for few gigabytes), lets you hook up keyboard, floppy disk station, and gives you extra ram (it has either 4mb or 8mb on board, expendable to more), excellent condition - $200


Nintendo Gamecube Bundle, consists of Brand New Gamecube(Platinum) US, with Digital Out(for Component Cables/480p), Box has been opened, because Mario Kart Double Dash was taken out, but system hasn't been touched, also included games pictured as well(few imports and two domestic titles), system won't play imports unless you use a freeloader disc(not included)$100.


Playstation Yaroze Japanese Model, cosmetically in excellent condition, with power supply, $145

Olympus Playstation 2 Virtual Glasses(from Japan), boxed(box not pictured), $160

5 Buttons(either Sanwa or Seimitsu), $12


Sonic Team 800 block Memory Stick from Japan(Phantasy Star Online on the front), $35, Boxed Wonderswan - $40 comes with Rainbow Islands game(cart only) , Nintendo 64 Mouse, $45:


VGA Box Converter, converts Chinch/S-Video signal to VGA, with power supply, by Pelican - $30:


Red Mario Edition Nintendo DS(first model), boxed, comes with Mario Kart DS(not pictured) FFIV and Mini Album Soundtrack from early 90's(JPN), System in excellent condition $80.


Gameboy Bundle, with 28 games(imports) and system as pictured below, $60


thanks for visiting, hope you enjoyed your stay ^_~
note that if price seems too high in something you're after, just send me your offer.
everything has to go.
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Prices have been slashed(in the editable post),
following items are gone:

Dreamcast controllers
CLD-A100 Laseractive Bundle
Gamecube Component Cables
N64 Ram Pack
Halo 3 Wireless Headset
Grim Fandango (last copy)
Hori purple Gamecube style controller for N64 (I still have black color available if anyone's interested).
Densha De Go Dreamcast Controller
Sega Bass Fishin Controller
Sega Katana/Dreamcast Dev Box
Dreamcast Divers 2000 (DC TV Built-in)
3DO Magazine with demos Lot ($250 offer)
Euro Neo CD (laser doesn't work) ($20 offer + shipping)
Hokuto no Ken aka Fist of the North Star AW Game with mobo

Heads up, if you see item in a bundle, send me an offer, bundles can be split if you really want something but it happens to be in bundle.
for instance XRGB-2 Upscan Converter with SNK Cables listed for $300 can be split, you can get cables for $50 and upscan for $250, just send me a message.

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Just registered and can't send PMs for some reason.

I am VERY INTERESTED in the Hori Motorcycle Wheel and the Fishing controller for N64 - I have been after these items for years!

Also would be interested in the Densha De Go Controller - you say for N64, but has PlayStation logo on box in pic, so is it for PlayStation? And The Katana Sword Controller.

Might be interested in a few other items as well. Would you ship to Australia?

Would you please hold the items I mentioned above for me?

Would not normally post email openly, but really want these items and can't contact you any other way - My email: Sharkie_Gamer_777 AT live DOT com (Just replace AT And DOT with normal symbols)

Looking forward to hearing from you! Thanks!


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Hello i have just joined up to offer my interest in the xrgb2 if you still have it for sale,i live in the uk but im willing to pay the shipping,i would also like to buy some of your genesis games but not really all of them if you are willing to seperate some please let me know.You can email me at s0ck360AThotmailDOTcom as like the poster above i cant get pms to work either!
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I'm interested in the steel battalion sets- are they full sets- game and controller, or just controllers- also which version sets:
original green button (with steel battalion bundle-in)
blue button rerelease
blue button (with line of contact bundle-in)



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Do you guys all realize that this thread is now over a year old? Much, if not most of the stuff has been sold. Whats left has been posted in Izzies newer thread.
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