How's are the political flyers you've gotten in the mail so far?


Vanessa's Drinking Buddy,
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I'd say I've gotten more pro-Trump, anti-Biden stuff than anti-Trump, pro-Biden. Drinking water quality, universal healthcare, transgender women using women's restrooms, and immigrant sanctuary cities are the main issues they're focusing on in said flyers. My union is VERY pro-Biden and is pushing that hard.

An overall horrendous waste of paper and ink as usual.


Horrible Goose
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I really haven't received much mail for the presidental race, but some of the local races are sending them nonstop. There's a state senate seat and I think the lady must own a print shop since I get something almost every single day. Yesterday I was outside when the mail truck pulled up and his mail bins were almost entirely political junk mail.


Calvin & Hobbes, ,

I see one of you funsters has placed my proxy email on a US election Political trolling newsfeeds....

I'm sorta use to stuff like this... but seriously... the lack of imagination from you guys is sorta boring...

I aint some adolescent teenager on a prom evening...

I am mod on The job description didn't indicate I was some sort of pussy easy target...


PS. GEEZ... it's not like stuff like this even effects my thinking or habits...


Outside of Causality
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Nothing for the presidential election but a lot of local flyers.


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I get assholes knocking on my door and they leave flyers on my porch. I usually leave the flyers in front of my door and step on them on my way out. I’m just hopeful the next canvasser can take a hint.


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When I was in college, I was a registered member of the NY Conservative party.

The flyers I'd get in my mailbox would make me afraid to open it with other people around.