Hi Everybody!


Twinkle Star Sprite
Apr 6, 2021
Hey all,

Didn't realise there was an introduction forum!

I'm new, from The Australian Capital, I, like like many of you always wanted a Neo Geo growing up but never afforded one. Now that I'm OLD, I'm getting my Midlife Crisis on with collecting video games, as my dry spell from *NEW* games is getting longer and longer (I think my last new game obsession was either Zelda Breath of the Wild, KOF 14 or Monster Hunter World).

Luckily have a supportive partner, who encourages me to buy old video games and things that make me happy, I mean she was fine with a Sega Astro City in the living room so, Its all good from here! (New Apartment will have a dedicated Game Room, japanese themed).

Anyways, cheers all!