Help strange colour problem sony trinitron kv29cl11k!!!!!


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Hello, I have a strange colour problem whit my trinitron kv29cl11k. Everything tends to yellow but not in service menu!!!!
If I boot up the television in service menu colours are wonderful and stay good for hours..but as soon as I close menu, picture blink for a millisecond and everything tend to yellow and stay that way until boot up in service menu again.
What can it be? Please help.
Ps there is a way to factory reset it? Maybe previous owner has done something wrong.
This is the service menu tipe:

EDIT: It's the Cdec option under "design" goes to 1100 but real colours are in 0000 0001 or 1000 seems to be impossible to save it to correct value.
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the service menu uses RGB, diff from all input signals. Problem is with your chroma mixing circuit likely. you should be able to change settings in the service and write them to the flash hopefully (like increase blue is prob what you need).