Goodies & Mark of the wolves


today forever

here's the crack

bought Garou MOTW when it came out
in march,if i remember well

thru this "friend" of mine

we ordered our copies,
actually his friend in Japan
bought them for us off the SNK shop

and he sent em

to HIM

next thing i know

they arrive

he comes round me place and gives me MOTW,
everything's going smoothly and all,
i give him the money ( he's a greedy bastard,by the way )

and that was it

two days ago

was talking to Simone

he said summat like
" me thinks motw aint that cop,
dont dig it much,the only good thing
about that game are the stickers inside"

i was like...what the fuck

so i called the other geezer and said
look,you aint fuckin kept summat without
telling me,have you?

so here's the answer,my people

i'm sure some of yer will know
and i'm sure some of yer can answer me

was there something,instructions booklet
excluded of course,
within the MOTW jap cart?

if yes,
me mate's in the fuckin shit

if not,


- peace out -


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My U.S. Mark of the Wolves cart, purchased from SNK Corporation in California Directly in February of 2000, came with only the regular stuff . . . cart, manual, box and insert. No stickers. Not sure about any other people here, but I never heard of any stickers coming with this cart.


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You might email Shawn he would know. I don't think it came with stickers though. Would have been cool though.


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I have had plenty of U.S. version Mark of the Wolves home carts over the past months. Bought several at release, at least five from Adol, and another five from individuals. They all came with the same packaging. Manual, new style case, insert, and cart with cart sticker and gold warning sticker. No additional stickers were packaged, no spasm or epilepsy card, no calling card, just the usual.


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Don't speak about US version of MARK OF THE WOLVES;referring to JAP version, I saw beautiful stickers inside box.
The shopkeeper told me 3 copies of Mark he sold have stickers inside.
That add in for Fran's preference for Jap versions 'cause often some goodies are inside...I said often!


today forever
Too right fella

was referring to the JAP cart of MOTW

whatever the answer is,
i'm afraid its much too late anyway

i wont have them stickers

but i'm going to whack the bastard
cos he stole em


( the "i thought friendship was more important than a couple of jap stickers" dpt )


today forever

posted me message and only then read
your msg,Adol...

so 7 carts and no sticker?

then i was talkin bollocks.....
i owe the geezer an apology

what do you say,Simone?


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Sorry about that, I didn’t read the original post in its entirety. The topic doesn’t mention Japanese version, and neither did the following posts. Fran’s post did not mention anything about a Japanese version MotW, until line 52 of his message. I built a premature assumption.

Same situation applies to the Japanese version of MotW. I have had more copies of Japanese MotW than U.S. version MotW. I currently have 3 Jap MotW in stock, and still none have ever included stickers. Only difference is that the Jap version comes with a registration card.