Ghouls n Ghosts starts at the 2nd level

DJ Long Cat

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I got a GnG CPS1 conversion (JP version) and for some reason today it started just starting you at the 2nd level.

It didn't used to do this. I was changing settings on the dip switch and I dunno why this started happening.

Any ideas?


None of the DIP settings will skip a stage. Is it a conversion or a real Japanese resale version? If it's a conversion most likely someone burned old corrupt roms or something I know there's some French site with a conversion tutorial that links a bad set.

You can tell if it's legit Capcom because the eprom stickers will have a silver foil if you scratch them a little underneath the white.


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He says it is a conversion.. that must be the issue. Return the deeps to default and see if it fixes it.


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One of the program roms probably became corrupt...happens from time to time with old eproms.

Pull them all and verify.