Gamers, Collectors, and the middle of the road.


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I guess I really dont understand either the pure gamer or pure collector side of the coin. I have been buying my neo carts as I have been able to over the last decade. I allways took pride in them since I had to work for them and they have brought me many many hours of enjoyment. When someone sees them & asks, I enjoy showing em off to folks that are interested. That has lead to my Girlfriend & her sister becoming addicted. Money Puzzle Exchanger is like drugs or something. Since I was into the home cart system at the begining, I never relly minded paying the high prices SNK charged. I still dont really. Its just par for the course. So I dont understand why gamers rail cart prices as unfair.
I also dont understand why anyone would ever want cart prices to go up. Hell, that just makes it harder on everyone. Why does anyone need to have the items they collect go up in value? When I collect something its because of several main reasons:
Its something that brings back good memories, ie nostalgia. Its fun to play, or read, or whatever. So I dont understand why any collector would enjoy cart prices rising. It just doesnt make sense to me. When prices drop, that lets more folks get into the neo scene. That & the internet have made it so much easier to get carts. Man, I remember driving hours an hours across North Texas just to get a new copy of Viewpoint the week it released. It was worth it, but damn, its so much easier now. I'd just like to see everyone that really digs the neo to get all the games they want. In what ever format makes them happy. Price raising & speculation aint going to achieve that any time soon.


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Exactly, I like the games simply because I like playing them, enjoying the art work of the games, even though US version of home carts are worth more, I always prefer Japanese home carts for the same reason.

I keep my collection regardless of how much they're worth, but simply because of my dedication.

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All I have to say is a big fat "Amen!" to that statement Nick. The way I figure, if you're into collecting things for the sake of seeing their prices go up later, get into stamps or coins or something. Video games are meant to be PLAYED and ENJOYED.

I'll admit, it took a little adjusting to when I first took notice of games that I shelled out big bucks for drop considerably (I remember paying $200 for the original Fatal Fury), but I justified it easily. At the time, the way I figure, I wanted the best, so I payed for the best, and that's what I got.

It's also nice to see more people get a chance to enjoy what the Neo Geo has to offer. Though the Neo will probably NEVER reach the selling success of the PSX, or the original Nintendo, or anything like that, that's all insignificant. What is significant is seeing more people becoming "enlightened" to something we already knew was the best.


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Just wanted to say that though most likely, I wouldn't sell games, when I see my games (any format) rises on price, I do feel a bit good about it...


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I agree and that is what I have been doing......for over 10 years with the Neo.

I have "paper goods" that are basically worthless to anyone but me and maybe a few other Neo collectors.

It just seems when "Dion" has it and says it's great....people try to argue - perfect example is the mahjong controllers.

As it is right now, ChrisR and "Dion" are about 4 years ahead of everyone in the collector game.

What we have done and collected 4 years ago, other peole are finally starting to try and obtain now.

Is this wrong for us to say whe nwe tell of something new?
No, everyone should follow our lead AS we are doing it, so you won't kick yourself in the behind later for not joining us and grabbing what could have been yours.

We show pics of these things so others will know what to look for.

The mahjong controllers came out AFTER "Dion" and Chris started posting pics and talking about them.

Dion - "trying to help the Neo collectors"

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The Neo Geo Carts has allways been expensive and in limited amount. That invites people to collect them. The Neo Geo sys was never ment to everyone. It was ment to the adults. The group of people with good economy.

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And only adults are the collectors.
They have money and don't cry towards other collectors like the "children" with no money do.

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"The only adults are the collectors." Is that one of your marketing pitches. Give me a break! WOW Dion you own Neo Geo games so you are a grown-up now. Contradulations you are finally an adult. IT SURE TOOK LONG ENOUGH!


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Dion said that, "And only adults are the collectors." Does buying 50+ carts make you a collector? Sorry Dion, once again you are being the out-spoken person you always were.
Im 15, I have a job, and im a NEO-GEO Collector! Im not poor, but im not making enough money to be a 50+ cart collector like yourself. So Dion what exactly is your defintion of "COLLECTOR?"

I'm with you vince. I also have being buying Neo games and items for a long while now. I to could care less what the so called value of my carts are. I pay what I think they are worth and if others fell they are worth more then I simply buy them someplace else or wait for the price to fall to what I feel they are worth. I think the biggest problem with gamers and collectors is that the gamers do not feel the games are worth as much as the collectors do but still would like to play the games. I guess they only thing to say about that is to either tell them to be patient or find other neo games or stuff to buy. I been living buy this Golden rule and following my own lead for several years now and it has not let me down yet


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For the 2 people that are crying about being a guys are NOT collectors.

You are "beginners" aspiring to become collectors.

Anyone can have 10, 20, 50, or 100 carts.
It's the last 40 that will make the difference between the men and the boys.

Dion - "loving how I am always right"


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The Men and the boys????

Get it through your head, these are just videogames. If most people found out how much you spent on all you Neo Geo games they would kick your ass for being a complete loser. Yeah collecting Neo Geo games is cool but why buy all the shit like Fight Fever and Legend Of Success Joe. That just shows you are a complete loser. Face it.

This is what you are saying. I am better than you because I have more games. What kind of statement is that? Oh yeah that is a statement coming from a grown (well not really) man with the mind of a 3 year old.



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Most people can't kick my ass. I'm sorry, but I'm a pretty bad "mo-fo"

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Why are you "gamers" trying to talk about what "collectors" do??

You guys don't have an understanding of a collectors point of view.

And besides, shouldn'tyou "gamers" be playing games instead of being online typing away.

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Shouldnt you be bootlegging Neo Geo instead on being online. OH YEAH you must be a bad mo-fo in your Neo Geo jacket. Do you also have power waves coming out of your hands as well.




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I'm bad enough to give my real name and tell peopleto meet me in Vegas or Cali.

I don't see you doing that.
Only "Mike" has made a challenge like that, and he mopped the other person.

Dion - "Vegas shark"


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Hey, what do you mean I'm not collector? Is it because I don't own the unofficial games from NGF that can't even work properly? Other than that, I have all 105 home carts made officially by SNK, plus the MVS games not released on home carts.

I want to be factual here, soooo, here're the list of games that are only made on MVS formats by SNK, if you see home carts for sale, it's fake, please be aware:

Breakers Revenge
Bust A Move
Bust A Move Again
Captain Tomaday
Fight Fever
Jongshin Densetsu
Money Idol Exchanger
Neo Bomberman
Neo Driftout
Neo Mr Do
Panic Bomber
Pop'n Bounce
Power Spikes
Prehistoric Isles 2
Puzzle de Pon
Puzzle de Pon R
Shock Troopers 1
Strikers 1945 Plus
Tecmo World Soccer 96
Zed Blade (Operation Ragnarok)

If you want to play those games, simply get the MVS carts for originality and quality.

Be aware that also, the following games are in Japanese format ONLY, not US/Euro, if you see one in English format, it's fake:

Blazing Star
Kabuki Klash
Legend of Success Joe
all 3 mahjong games
-Mahjong Kyo Retsuden
-Baka Tonosama Mahjong Manyuki
-Minnasa No Okagesamadesu
Metal Slug 3
all 4 quiz games
Shock Troopers 2
Shoji No tatsujin
Stakes Winner 2
Super Tag Battle
Twinklestar Sprites
Waku Waku 7

Well, here they are, you can trust NGF, or my advise, now it's up to everyone.


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Gee thats a tough one Vince. I'll take your word over NGF anyday. Thanks for helping out.