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Oct 26, 2004
Hello boys & girls, Today I will be listing a ton of sought after games mainly for the snes, genesis and playstation. The prices aren't set in stone. If you buy more than one game I can give you a better price. shipping is $4 bucks per game, I also do combined shipping if you buy more than one game. As a form of payment I only take Paypal.

Believe it or not, I actually took the time to clean and test each individual game so yes there is a lot of work put in by me. I will be putting up pictures in groups because its easier. If you want more detail about a game, I can give you better individual pics. Generally, cartridges are gently used with intact labels. Some of the cartridges may have wear & tear on the label. ask if your not sure. Links will be provided below the lists.


Act Raiser 2 $25
Batman Forever $7
Batman Returns $13
Battletoads in Battlemaniacs $24
Brawl Brothers $27
Bubsy $10
Bugs Bunny Rabbit Rampage $7
Donkey Kong Country $12
Donkey Kong Country 3 $18
Castlevania Dracula X $200
Final Fight 3 $85
Joe & Mac $15
Magical Quest Mickey Mouse $14
Mortal Kombat $9
Mortal Kombat II $11
NBA Jam $7
Nba Showdown $5
Road Runner's Death Valley Ralley $5
Samurai Showdown $12
Street Fighter II Turbo $10
Sunset Riders, $65 sold
Super Castlevania IV $28
Super Double Dragon $25
Super Ghouls & Ghost $15
Super Punch Out! $20
Super R Type $8
Super Street Fighter II $14
Super mario allstars $12
Super Mario World $10
TMNT Tournament fighters $16
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV Turtles in time $35
The Combatribes $25
The Great Circus Mystery $11
The adventures of Batman & Robin $70
Tiny Toons Buster Busts Loose! $7
WWF Wrestlemania the arcade game $7
Wolverine $13
World Heroes $8
X-men $15
Yoshi's Island $21

Sega Genesis-->

Altered Beast $10
Castlevania Bloodlines $60
Contra Hard Corps $40
Double Dragon 3 $15
Ghouls'N Ghost $30
Golden Axe $12
Lakers versus Celtics NBA Playoffs $5
Mercs $15
NBA Jam $5
Pac-man 2 $6
Shinobi III $15
Sonic the Hedgehog $8
Streets of Rage 2 $19
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Hyperstone Heist, $40 sold
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Tournament Fighters $13
The Punisher $80
The adventures of Batman & Robin $18
The jungle Book $7
World of Illusion starring Mickey & Donald Duck $13
X-men $8
X-men 2 $15
streets of Rage 3 $51
strider $18

Playstation 1-->

Apocalypse: complete. looks very good overall. $13
Battle Arena Toshinden 3: backart & game only it looks very good. no manual. $10
Castlevania Symphony of the night: complete, manual is used. game looks very good. $75
Die hard Trilogy: complete in very good shape. $9
Dino Crisis: complete, stickers on case. game & bonus disc look very good. $22
Dino Crisis 2: complete looks very good. $46
G. Darius: complete. Case & manual look very good. game has light scratches. $52
Medievil: complete. Manual looks very good. The game has light scratches looks good. $35
Parasite Eve II: complete. manual looks very good. Disc#1 has light circular scratches, Disc#2 has light scratches. $38
Resident Evil 2: complete. manual is near mint. Disc#1 & #2 have light scratches. $20
Resident Evil 3: case has fractures. Still holds good. Game & manual look very good. $27
Rival Schools: has case, no manual. Disc#1 & #2 have light scratches. $50
Silent Hill: complete. looks very good overall. $50
Street Fighter alpha 2: complete. light scratches on the game. The rest looks good. $22
Street Fighter alpha 3: complete. looks good, the case has fractures on it. Game has scratches. $18
Syphon Filter: game looks good. $7
T.R.A.G. Cracked case, manual is used. game is gently used in good shape. $30
Tekken 3: complete. Case has edge crack. still holds well. Game has light scratches. $10

Playstation 2-->

Dragon ball z budokai tenkaichi 3: disc only! has lots of scratches nothing deep. $45
God of War: complete, looks very good. $8
Jet Li Rise to Honor: has stickers, complete looks very good. $5
Spongebob Squarepants battle for bikini bottom: complete looks very good. $15
War of the Monsters: case & manual only. looks very good. $10

Turbo Grafx 16-->

Alien Crush: case,manual & game only. $30
Blazing Lazers: case, manual & game. $70
Keith Courage: case, manual & game only, no sleeve. $10
Bonk's Adventure: case, no game sleeve. $40


Sol-Feace: sega cd cardboard case & game only. Game looks near mint. $10
Hotel Dusk: artwork has sunfade. The manual & game are near mint. $10
Super Smash bros melee: disc only, minty. $35
Resident Evil Zero: complete, case & manual look used. The 2 discs look very good. $10
Turbo Grafx 16: deck only. looks good. Works Great! $55
Nintendo Top Loader complete w all nintendo parts 1 of each, has original nes controller not dogbone. $100
Nintendo gamecube black: w all original parts. blk controller too. no games. $55

PS: Don't like my prices, feel free to make me a reasonable offer.
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