FS: Lethal Enforcers "kit"


Galford's Armourer
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Jan 19, 2004
Hi all. After making a purchase at super auctions today, I've decided to let go of this LE kit to ease the financial pain of today's purchase. I have a LE working PCB that comes with 2 original guns that work, however 1 of the guns, has a slight problem. Sometimes it doesn't shoot, but twisting the metal casing with the wires going to the gun fixes it (seems to have a short in it). The other gun is ok. I also have a marquee I will give you (it's cracked badly, but taped up). Please PM with offers. I'll also inclulde the original manual and a partial sticker sheet (fake bullet holes). I paid $90 on ebay for this and would like at least that for the whole set. Thanks.