FS - Combatribes with sound issue


Jaguar Ninja
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$40 plus shipping. Game plays fine but sound is all squirrelly. Just keeps looping random sound effects over and over. Punch? Play a helicopter noise! Kick? Gimme that explosion sound effect.

pulled the sound cpu ROM and sample rom and checked them against MAME dumps. Hash is identical.

randomly sometimes when you punch or kick it will perform both off the same single button.

No idea what’s up but I don’t care about the game enough to hunt down the problem. Might take ten minutes...might take ten hours! Could be a -5V issue or could be a bad chip somewhere. Could be my power supply 5V is slightly outside what the board likes....could Be ghosts

so I am selling it cheap. It can be someone else’s problem! Lolol

PayPal is cool. Gift or +4%. Either doesn’t bother me.

Board is clean. No signs of damage I’ve seen.
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