From KOF 2000 to CVS


Vanessa's Drinking Buddy,
I just also found out on the same day as the tenative KOF 2000 tournament at UC Berkeley, they're also planning the first CvS tourney at Golfland starting at 5:30pm!

Such a busy day in game land... does anyone know how far it is to get from Berkeley to Golfland?


Kula's Candy
Where the hell is there a Neo-Geo machine in the entire state of Illinois!?

I went KOF2000 searching last weekend. I went to Enchanted Castle in Lombard, Dave and Busters in Addison, and a couple small arcades in shopping centers and NADA. ZIPPO.

D&B had me particularly bewildered because all they had were either driving games OR shooting games. THATS IT.

After this experience I was pretty heart broken and know arcades won't be the same again.

I am going to look at Game Works in Schamburg this weekend. I don't know if you consider that Chicago or if their is another Game Works some where else.

I am a newbie KOF player. I'd love to play you guys though. My favorite characters are Mai, Athena, and Yuri.

So if you guys want to get together sometime let me know!


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Hey benares, I went to the Dave and Busters near me in Rockville, MD. Same story, there were almost NO fighting games at ALL at the place. What I think is happening, at D&B, is that they are deliberately NOT carrying fighting games, due to some politically correct BS. Other members here can confirm this about the D&B's near them, but thats the impression I got. Lousy arcade, no fighting games, no thank you.

And arcades all around are dying, their days are numbered. I'll be getting a nice fat MVS cab or two soon, especially if Aruze f**ks everything up even MORE than they already have with the Neo.