??? for those who have Chibimaruko Quiz home cart


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This has puzzled me for quite a while, a year ago, when I got the home cart Chibimaruko Chan Delux Quiz home cart from Shinichirou, it was advertised w/ few bad conditions, well, the side panel seems to be a bit lighter than the rest of the insert (light yellow vs full yellow on the fron and back).

My question is, for those of you who have this game (very few of us), look at the insert and see if the side panel is lighter than the front and back, or if yours are all full color side panel matching other parts of the insert. Because Telegames is putting one copy on Yahoo auction and it has exactly the lighter color panel, just like mine.

Out of curiosity, here's the link of the auction along with Metal Slug 3, apparently, the guy from Telegames can't even spell and articulate the sentences.



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I doubt that it is 'Telegames' since the poster is obviously Japanese and requires payment in either the dollar or the yen. Telegames US has said a couple times that they have no more Neo Geo ROM carts too....

If it is Telegames (Telegame), then someone from Japan must be using their account....



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My copy of Chibi Quiz Deluxe has a lighter color spine as well. The best way to find out if your insert spine is possibly sun faded is by comparing the color of the yellow NEO-GEO logo to the rest of your Japanese insert spines. Unfortunately, my logo appears to be lighter than average. I’m curious to hear what other owners of Chibi Quiz Deluxe have to say.