Fight me: Shermie should have become Orochi, not Chris.


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My arguments are as follows:

#1 She had the best design and is the most memorable out of her team. Yashiro and Chris both look hella lame in comparison.

#2 Half nekkid Shermie covered in tattoos would be ten kinds of awesome. Make her two ponytails writhing and serpent-like (to visually symbolize Orochi) and have her go all GG Millia with them too maybe.

#3 Tits. And, uh, girl power or something.

If I ever find a Genie's lamp, magic monkey's paw, or Infinity Gauntlet, I'm going to make this shit happen!


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Not even glowing symmetrical tribal patterns? There's this drawing of a female Orochi, with Kyo and Iori's ancestors, and she looks pretty good with the tattoos.


And then there's this female Orochi from Mugen:

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What if you’re ready to venture into plow town and you see a shriveled up tat vulture on the wrinkled chicken before you?


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What if you’re ready to venture into plow town and you see a shriveled up tat vulture on the wrinkled chicken before you?
I think tattoos on women are hot and aesthetically pleasing. Wouldn't bother me if a woman I was with was tattooed head to (camel?) toe.


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I had a rough moment here, lads. Another awesome tattooed women photo showed up in my FB feed, and I wanted, no NEEDED, to share it with you all, but, I couldn't remember which thread I'd posted the previous one above in. I can't just be posting photos like this willy-nilly, there's got to be continuity and shit.



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small tattoos might be aesthetic - fully body tats scream "German porn actress in her late 30s" more then anything else...

but Shermie as Orochi would have been interessting - let's face it, Chris was introduced so that Japanese otaku chicks could draw filthy comis of him...


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Oh man, this thread reminds me that over 20 years ago I made a (really bad and incomplete) mugen character that was supposed to be a female orochi.

It was common for people who were trying to develop unique characters in mugen in a specific style to start the process with "frankenspriting", by literally joining heads/torsos/legs from different sprites of characters from the relevant game to try and make something that looks kinda new but in a similar style. There's significant limitations to this, but it helps get you sprites that have similar shading, size and level of detail as other sprites from the game you are mimicing. I did this with the Orochi character. It wasn't intended to be Whip, but I mostly used Whip's head on the "frankensprited" sprites, so some people started referring to the character as Orochi Whip. The character wound up developing a small cult following due to its rarity and the concept of Whip being an orochi, and some years ago I noticed that a guy on deviantart had developed lots of fan art of the character. Anyways here's basically what the character looked like:


And here's a video of the character in action that I just found.

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I find it interesting that Shermie shouldve been Orochi instead of Chris.
There must be a reason why they chose Chris though.