Favorite SS char?


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We all know that King of Fighters rules ass over all, but i think that Samurai Showdown/Spirits has been overlooked. This was that fighter that first got me hooked at that red cabinet at the arcades. Too all the SS lovers out there: Who is your favorite Samurai?

Personally , I am hooked on Ukyo
not cuz he can be cheap as hell, but cuz of his arrogance and finess.

Can i get a hell yeah?

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For Haohmaru, sure. He was the original badass of the Neo·Geo. I used to idolize him in years past. Only stopped since SNK destroyed the series.


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Genjuro is "The" man. Bad attitude, cool animation, wicked moves. He's def in my top 10 all time fav characters.


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This is a really tough one. But I think it has to be Wan-Fu. His SS2 pillar/club is awesome, and dropping it on an opponant just as they recover from an attack is the best.
I also think Wan is one of the most overlooked characters in the SS series.
My second runner-up would be a tie between Genjuro and Hanzo (running piledriver!). Every character in SS2 was a masterpiece IMO.


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My namesake from SS (I hated him in SS2) and Tam Tam are my favorites. I also like Charlotte, Haohmaru, and Genjuro.
Haomaru. I also like Genziro, Charlotte, and Kazuki's brother on SS4 (I guess it's been a while since I played the game, huh?). I am best w/ Nakoruru though.


Hahomarou! I always loved the way he chugged that jug of sake before the rounds!


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Here are my picks:

1) Cham Cham (groan all you want... the monkey rules!)
2) Nicotine
3) Sieger
4) Gen-An
5) a tie between Hanzo & Rimururu

I used to like Charlotte, but then even I got to realize just how annoying she was.

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I know this is a little off the subject, but does anyone disagree that SS2 was the best of the series? I've seen some that like SS1 and some that prefer SS3 or 4, but how many of us prefer SS2? This is the game that beat Street Fighter 2 for God's sake! Please be kind when thrashing my opinion. I still think that this is the best SNK title ever (but only by a little).
Well, SS2 is the next cart game I plan to get, so its obvious I really like the game. Jubei is also my favorite SS persoality, he can do things with katanas that no one else can. Ukyo is probably runner-up.

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There are to many cool ones to have one fav. I like and play:


Also don't forget the ultimate ultimate Baddass Asura from the SS 64 games, That's the only reason I bought the dumb neogeo 64 board!


1st Place- Minazuki Zankuro - The ultimate hard-ass.
2nd Place- Kibagami Genjuro - He's so bitter.
3rd Place- Kazam Kazuki (Bust) - A bad temper and a cocky attitude. You can't dislike the guy.
Runner Up- Kuroko - I love super-secret characters. Too bad he never really made it into any other games. I don't count SS3. His cameo apperance was inexcusable.

P.S.- My favorite in the series is SS4. It has more cool guys than freaks. The return of Tam Tam, Charlotte, and Jubei was good to see. It has great atmosphere. Nice backgrounds. It's qite violent at times. It's actually my favorite Neo game.