Dude buys a $500 Neo29 - tries to flip it for 4k on a candy group on FB XD


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Mar 22, 2016
I got my first neo cab dirt cheap. The guy had multiple people try to out bid me after we had already reached a deal on Craigslist. He actually held it for me and I still have it (and play it lol)
I didnt get my first one that cheap, but I did get my Neo25 at a very similar rate. It was on craigslist for about 10 minutes and hit the guy up to throw the money at him. $250.

With a 4 slot and a perfect monitor. But he didn't have the keys to open it. He said there were 4 games in there, but I couldn't change games. The BIOS had the select game turned off or something, and it was in Japanese so I had to do some googlin' to get the right menu item. I drilled out the belly lock, and found 11 carts in there. :)

Still have the cab. It'll never go anywhere even if I end up selling off all my toys/games/body.

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Feb 4, 2002
Similar situation just happened in my area. OG Incredible Hulk pinball in great shape sells for $500 and is relisted by buyer a week later for $2k. I would have loved that table, hope someone calls him out on it.


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Apr 4, 2010
I also find it hilarious that he immediately asked for the top end value after having done nothing to it besides picking it up. Swung for the fences with the Immediate 700% markup lmbo, I bet if he just said he wasn't into it and "merely" tripled the price he paid for it it'd have probably sold instantly, but mans got greedy

Also, of course he's a pinball guy. I swear to god pinball guys are the most insufferable "hobby as investment" group out there

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Jan 12, 2014
Whatever, aside from WATA founders everyone else that flips for a living is usually a middle aged loser in a dead end job coping through life anyway. The jokes write themselves.

I wish this had fallen into the hands of someone who actually enjoys playing arcade games though. Shame.


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May 7, 2012
I love how he states 'can be easily fixed' but doesn't bother to do so himself, despite the markup. Just a parasite to the hobby.

Nice response "Will you take $500?". Need to call out these flipper greedy tossers.