Dreamcast controller VMU problem

MCF 76

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Question have any you guys had this happen & know whatthe issue is? I got a D.C. Striker ccontroller & two brand new oem blue D.C. memory cards. I played Gauntlet & controller works great without vmu installed. When i power on system with vmu installed in controller the controller wont work nor will vmu screen power on. I tried both vmu's and it does the same thing. The vmu's worked fine with batterys in by themselves. Very odd behavior but it never fails something else to half to fuck with.

MCF 76

Jaguar Ninja
After some more testing turns out it was the x2 new VMU's i got. I finally got one of them to read & work properly. These came from videogamesource so thats probably why. Nothing against them but im sure this shit ha been stored in bad conditions extreme heat or whatever. Another note about the Retro Fighters DC striker controller. The VMU slot is stupidly tight, there are two tabs on each side thst need to be milled down. I took controller apart & filled those down about 1mm on each side works perfect now. Other than that issue i love this controller very high quality imo.


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I haven’t noticed my Striker having a tighter than normal slot (uh huh). Glad you got the issue sorted out. I’ve been enjoying the Striker as well.

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The VMUs probably has dirty contacts or the striker controller slot doesn't make a good connection. Just because a connection is tight doesn't mean it is a solid connection.

I assume you tried the vmus in a regular dreamcast controller? If only using that controller it kinda points to the striker. Their other controllers have had dumb problems too like the retro brawlers one where pushing left trigger+up/left grinds against each other.

Also keep in mind the controller ports on a dreamcast can become flaky over time, sometimes dying outright. Pretty well known thing that has happened during evo matches of mvc2 with people disconnecting. Often caused by a fuse.