Does Diggerman have any sound?


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Well, it does have music, some of which sounds very similar to Gururin....

Sound effects? Not sure, I will see if I can find out and post back....



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Yes, Diggerman does feature tinny, low-quality music and a sparse selection of sound effects. It's nothing to get excited about, but sound is present. I suppose your cartridge and or ROM must be corrupt.
well I'll add a question on diggerman I do not recall seeing anywhere (but it could be because I did not look real hard) has anyone been able to get past level 7? to advance it is asking for 20 gems but there are only 19 gems to collect on screen. Thanks


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has anyone been able to get past level 7?

It seems like I may have ran into this same problem. I haven't played Diggerman since I started back to school, so I'll have to refresh my memory when I go home over the weekend. I'll try and see if I can clear that 7th level.


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Digger man barely has graphics not to mention sound


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I just got a MVS cart of Diggerman.
I am not able to hear any sound or music
and I am a little bit confused after reading this thread whether it has sound or not?