Display problem


Kuroko's Training Dummy
I just realize that my Neo geo cart system have a problem (maybe not; it either my TV or my Neo). By the way, the system is upgraded to S-video.
I just recently notice that I do not get full display on the screen (Display area is bigger than the TV screen). So, sometimes I cannot see the top energy bar or something or just see a partial energy bar.
My TV is maybe about more than 5 years old (I know it's old TV). But, it's Toshiba and have S-video connection.
My neo serial is 012*** (I think the older one).
Anybody has the same problem?


Kabuki Klasher
Yeah mine cuts of part of the screen too. That happens to all TV's that arent flat screen TV's. It also happens with my Dreamcast. I know it sucks and I am trying to get a Sony Wega TV which should solve that problem.


Kuroko's Training Dummy

I see..

I remember my dreamcast also like that.
Thanks for the info.

Need to finance a better TV, I guess...