Damn woman!


Kula's Candy
Well guess what? I *finally* received my MASSystems stick today. I am STILL waiting for my Neo-Geo to be delivered so as far as actual play I'll give a review later on in the week.

Initial Impressions:

The control panel does look like it would be a Neo-Geo controller but their is no "Neo-Geo" stuff on it. You get a Select Start, 4 buttons, and ofcourse the joystick.

The quality is so-so. I mean, their is NO way I could make something of this caliber - but at the same time - scratches and missing paint on the sides are easy to notice.

The stick is clicky but NO WHERE as bad as the "old" Neo-Geo stick. It feels like moves will be pulled off silky smooth on this baby. The buttons are all arcade quality.

And this unit is HUGE. Currently it is sitting on my computer desk and is probably the only safe way for me to play with it. The cable for some odd reason has rubber bands holding the connector on. It also looks like some epoxy is at the end as well: "Made in USA" you bet!

So anyway I'd give it a 9.0 out of 10.0. Although everything feels like it is arcade quality (especially the buttons) I'd have to give the Agetec SNK/Capcom Arcade Stick (released only in Japan) Dreamcast controller as the king of home sticks. This ofcourse won't detract from my enjoyment of the Massystems stick.



+ Not as clickey as the "Old" Neo-Geo stick
+ Thick meaty joystick - If I were a woman THIS would be my toy

+ Arcade quality buttons
+ If you like your stick big, this is the champ


- Joystick COULD be less clickey
- Quality of the Joystick (scratches, paint) could be improved
- If you don't like it big, stay away!
- Massystems customer support sucks (baby crying in the background while ordering product, lies about turn around time, etc. etc. etc.)