Daily Check: What shooters are you guys playing ATM?


Official NG Youngun
Feb 10, 2016
Played some DoDonPachi Daioujou yesterday. Had a sliver of life left on the 3rd stage boss then my nerves got me and I choked lol. Stage 4 on DOJ is my current limit.


Marked Wolf
Jul 15, 2015
I played through Ghost Pilots last night for possibly the first time. Although, I probably played it years ago and forgot about it. I was surprised by how long it was, as it took me over an hour to finish. It's not a particularly innovative shooter, but it does what it does well. There are lots of swarming planes and homing missiles coming at you throughout the levels which forces you to keep your head on a swivel. You can't just cruise around in spite of the slow pace due to the sheer amount of crap they throw at you. And some of the bosses were pretty good, not crazy memorable, but fun and with multiple levels or tiers that you have to chip away at which I liked.
Not a great game or anything, but a solid old school shooter that I enjoyed, and will probably revisit down the road.


Apr 12, 2003
Gun Frontier - Old school Taito game circa 1990. I went in knowing nothing and it felt like a Battle Garegga beta release. I mean that in the most sincerest way. I can definitely see where Battle Garegga got its influence. From the bombing to the design of the tanks. Even some of the enemies were obviously lifted from this game.

I looked it up on wikipedia and read this tidbit:

Battle Garegga and Recca programmer Shinobu Yagawa has since referred it as one of his favorite titles

Makes complete and total sense. Crazy I always thought BG was the first shmup to do the whole blow-up-shit-to-build-up-your-bombs mechanic.

Anyway, the game is one of those old school fast bullet quick reflexes type game. Not sure I can recommend it, but I had fun playing it for what it's worth.


SNK Guru
Jul 26, 2008
GG Aleste 2
Got moments away from the clear. Much frustrate. The first form of the boss is brutal.


General Morden's Aide
Feb 3, 2013
I played Thunder Force VI a lot recently. First thing I noticed was that leisure flow, which makes the game feel even shorter than it already is. There's also nothing epic about it, like in the previous parts. No surprises either, especially if you know V well. Six is kind of minimalist in everything it does, but that seems to hold the perfect statement for a final TF entry. One can easily see how carefully those developers studied every single Thunder Force game from the past and how they decided, after their punctiliously anal analysis, that there's nothing to add to what already is perfect in every way. Since that is how I remember this series, too, VI nails it for me: it's like a perfectly suited obituary.