Custom controller/pad with switches


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Hey guys/gals, I've been trying to build a controller for a while now. I haven't had much luck with it though. So here's what I've done.

I took a PDP fighting pad and traced out the board in it. I made my own from single sided copper clad board for the joy stick and the main board. I created some traces and drilled some holes and made a common ground. My goal is to emulate the neo-geo pad or something. I bought some omron sub miniature switches to replace the sensitive switches that already come in the PDP pad. I made sure that none of the traces were touching. soldered everything in place, plugged it in to my neogeo and only the up and down work. WTF mate? I have gone back and forth taking this thing apart so many times. Soldering and desoldering. I've tried the original switches, checked the pinout on the cable over and over. I have no idea what is going on. Possible what I'm doing even. before I decide to remove my hands and eyes, somebody please help me.