CPS2 "partially" suicided?


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I've found a CPS2 board for auction, seller says:

Displays a static display all one color, usually every time you turn out a different color, but does not seem to have the battery fully suicided because music and sound effects listen perfectly and acknowledge all buttons.

I don't think this is a battery fault, am I right?


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Sounds more like some grafx chip on the A board is dead. The B board could still be fine.


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Yeah, that has nothing to do with the battery. All the battery does is store the encryption keys...once the battery is dead the game doesn't work at all. Like bustedstr8 said, it could be the A-board. It could even be a bent pin or a bad connection between the A and B boards.


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It is actually possible for the part of the battery store to be corrupted allowing the game to run but graphics not to show. I have seen it happen twice, its very rare but it can happen. It is more likely that its one of the other things suggested but if its not that then the solution is to fully suicide the board and then to phoenix it.