Controller pro questions.


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I am going to be getting a Neo home cart system very soon. What is the story on the "controller pro" ? Which controller is preferred, the standard (old type), or newer(?) controller pro? Should I get a controller pro, or just the standard one that it comes with?
Thanks everybody! Mega power! The future is now!


You'll want the old style Joystick. The new one seems hollow and cheap when compared side by side. The CD contoller looks cool, because it has the little stick, but the button arrangement can be a pain in the ass sometimes with some of the NEO fighting games that require you to execute multiple button presses.

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  • Old controllers are the best.
  • The "newer" controllers are more fragile and gives a "too plastic" feeling.




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Thanks guys! I wasn't sure if I should get Pros, or stick with the standard controller. Looks like I'll just get the standard ones. I have a Neo CD, and I have always liked the pads it came with. So I was happy when I got my NG pocket color and it had the "mini-stick" type d-pad too. But now I am definately looking forward to no load times and an arcade type stick.
Anyhow, thank you all!