Collector or Gamer?


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Hello all

I’ve been lurking around here for a couple days now and I’ve come up with a question for ya.

It’s obvious all of you are Neo Geo fans, but how would you go about describing yourselves. Do you consider yourself a collector (like people are with baseball cards) or game enthusiasts (you just enjoy the games for the machine).

Personally I consider myself a game enthusiast. My interest in Neo Geo stems from the KoF, Last Blade, Metal Slug and Fatal Fury series. Any game I have no fun playing, I have no interest in owning.

However I noticed at least some of you, like Shawn, are big into collecting most anything Neo Geo related.

Anyway, there’s no real point to all this. I’m just kinda bored and felt like posting.

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Yeah I'm definitely a gamer. I don't collect all of the carts because some of them are just pointless, like the Mahjong games and I'm not into the older games that much either. I like the Metal Slug series as well as almost any shooter and King of Fighter and Fatal Fury series.


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I'm a gamer that has, unfortunately, grown up and caught the collecting bug. I still play all the games I buy and probably reduce the values of the sealed games I open but hey, they're fun!



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Pure gamer, but that doesn't stop one from amassing a general collection over time. I only buy what I think I will enjoy and have no problem selling off any game that doesn't meet my expectations. However, one would have to fend off bullets and blades just to get the opportunity to pry my favorite games out of my cold, dead grasp.


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Can we be both?
I just dont have time to play them right now. Mostly I collect because I am a gamer, but somehow the idea of having that great classic, is a much of a climax as playing it.


Hardcore Gamer. I don't just own one, or a couple, or a few consoles, I own alot. If you can name it, I probably have it. Even wierd Japanese ones (like a playdia, PC-FX, FM Towns Marty or Famicom Twin!) You would not believe the insane amount of video switchers hooked up to my TV. I still play pong occasionally, but I spend the most time with my DC right now. Of course, being unemployed helps free up game time. Does anyone think a Video Game Museum would work? Like somewhere in New York?

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Well i "collect" games I like. It's just wonderful to have all the favorite games at you'r shelves and wach them. But yes, I'm a gamer. I also have Jamma boards and PCB boards. All for cause I like the games. And I want allways the games in the original form.
No burn'd CD'S or remade/copy stuff. No NGF official cart's.

Sorry, could not hold that.


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Originally posted by Asmoday:
However, one would have to fend off bullets and blades just to get the opportunity to pry my favorite games out of my cold, dead grasp.

Was Charlton Heston part of the inspiration for your post?

Gamer first, collector second is my philosophy. Like many of you, I am into many platforms and have amassed a little collection to go with it. I am a collector in the sense that I am somewhat of a packrat and like to keep that which I buy and therefore beef up my collection, but I got back into neo geo because of the kick ass games. The games on this system are amazing, and to me it would be a complete waste to have a game, any game, and not play it; and since I dont have the money to waste on buying two copies of a game, one to play and one to leave sealed for collectibility, I play everything I buy. HARDCORE gamers always find their way to the neo geo, at least some of them do. Owning and playing the neo has been the zenith of all my console playing experience.


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Gamer first, collector second....

I get the games I want to play, and I eventually want to get all of the carts. Will take my time though so I can appreciate each one! Of course, writing manuals for some games does kick me into playing them a LOT!!!


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Well, I am primarily a gamer. I only keep the games I want. I had over 60 Neo Geo cds at one time (tried to collect them all), but have been getting rid of the games I hate or don't play as much. Same w/ Neo Geo carts. The games I am going to keep is: MOTW, Last Blade, SS2, and KOF 95. As for Neo Geo is concerned, I go for the newer games, unless the gamplay is good like SS2. Still, I amassed alot of games for many diff systems, and in that retospect, somepeople might call be a collector.


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I'm just like Gokusama26, I have almost every system EVER produced. Everything from the MSX to the DC to tha 3D0(peice of shit)! I also have allot of handheld games from the early 90's like the old tiger games. I enjoy playing most of my systems, and I think of myself as a collector but, I also am a DIEHARD when it comes to kick ass GRAPHICS, GAMEPLAY, and REPLAY VALUE. I really want to get into the videogame industry when I get older because, my mom has always told me that you should do what you enjoy. I have always dreamed of going to Japan to meet all the BIGTYMERS(I couldn't help myself)in the gaming industry. I would also like to visit some of the arcades in Japan, I've seen some pics of them before and they look like they are tha shit.
When I was a kid, I really liked Arcades. I went into everyone that I saw and begged my mom for quarters to play them with. I especially remember an SS2 machine at a Pizza Hut that I used to go to all the time as a kid. I always was HAOHMARU, becuase I thought he was the coolest looking character, with the best moves, and I thought the hair was cool too. But now as the time passes and things change, that Pizza Hut has been torn down! Now they have a fucking moosehead grill in the spot that it used to occupy... Those were the days that I will always remember...and now I have a SS2 homecart to play, whenever I want. I love that game still, and I don't think that will ever change. SNK is the best maker of Fighting games ever...PERIOD....and even when they are not around anymore they will still have the DIEHARDS like me, and everyone else in this FORUM who loves to play the "OLD SCHOOL" games.

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Gamer I say. I used to have a 3DO, chipped Sega Saturn and a Japanese Dreamcast. But I sold them all. But now I have discovered the Neo Geo! I used to be a hardcore gamer but now a casual I really concentrate on my Superman movie collection.


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To be one or the other is not enough... variety is the spice of life and I like to consider myself to be both a gamer and a collector. Whereas, I will only collect the games I will play.

Anyone willing to shell out hundreds of dollars for a game that can be bought on another system for cheaper is a colector in some form. I consider to be a collector when it comes to KOF, for even though there has been other versions of KOF 95-99 on other systems, I will only buy the versions on Neo Geo Home Cart. But, I don't just buy the games simply because it has the Neo Geo name on it. The game (IMHO) is great to play, and I still play all the versions of KOF to this day. I don't believe in getting an extremely expensive game just to "show off" (insert overly rare Neo title here)... If I will never play it, then it will never see the light of day on my shelves. I also use common sense... if by chance I do want to get a game for the Neo Geo, but it obviously costs WAY too much money for a regular home cart (Twinkle Star Sprites), then I can settle for a different version that will give me the exact gaming experience for much cheaper (thanks, Dreamcast).

It's the only way to keep a level head about things when it comes to the Neo Geo. Anyone can easily lose their houses trying to become "collector elite" like a handful of Neo Freaks we all know and love/loathe. And just because one person doesn't have a US copy of "Super Dodge Ball" or "The Irritating Maze" in their stable doesn't make them any less of a "collector" than the person who cherishes their Fatal Fury carts. With enough patience, ANY game that you REALLY want can be found at the price that you'd be comfortable with. And with enough common sense, you'll be able to get them all without going insane.

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I'm a 100% gamer who happens to collect a few games in order to play them. I only keep the games I like, and I don't buy games I don't think I'll like, so they pretty much end up piling up around mi casa, cos I never sell my games.

I collect Neo Geo to play, and if I don't play it, I pass it on to someone who will.

Just ask poor Ryan who got saddled with that dreck mutation nation. I got the cart back and had to get it gone and make it STAY gone. =)



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Like most of you, I am a little of both. I plan to eventually get all of the US carts for the home system and some of the Japanese ones. I do not wish to own both vesions of the same cart or any Mahjong or puzzle games that cannot be played in English.

I enjoy seeing my collection grow overtime and I also like to take the games out once in a while to play. I think keeping the games sealed forever in hopes that their value goes up is a crime. These games were meant to be played after all. Of course that does not stop me from trying to keep my games in mint condition because I get more enjoyment out of them that way. My friends think I am strange for keeping my games in freezer bags what the hell do they know anyway.


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I am a pure gamer. I only buy games I like that is why I only have 9 Neo Geo games and only plan to have about 12-14 when i am done. I really cant understand why people waist money on games that suck, they cant play, or just cant understand because of a language barrier. I dont understand the point of it. Maybe some people are way to hardcore about the Neo Geo but it just seems like some people need to go to an economics or money managment class. Just my opinion.


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I agree lump, its like some people aren't all there in the head when it comes to money management. If I ever spent over a thousand dollars at one time on video games, I would order somebody to kill me for being so stupid. Don't get me wrong, I think games are fun but when they get to be way over priced its just not fun anymore. I remember buying Mark of the Wolves and I had paid over 300 dollars for it and I sat there when I got it and said wow would I rather have the money or would I rather have the game. And the very next day I put it up on ebay. I just think that some people need to get their priorities straight and have some common sense.
Well, that is one of the advantages to having a CD system- load times, yes, but quality SNK titles for cheaper- hell yeah! I too like lump's take on the carts, to make sure you get ones that are worthwhile and worth keeping. They are just too expensive to waste money on for collection's sake alone, at least for little people like me they are...


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I have over 20 diff game systems and I know Some ppl in this forum have even a lot more
Im not a big time collector due to the high US dollar and lack of funds to buy the really collectible items like metal slug mahjong controllers and the like,One day I would though, I see myself more as a collector now, It just makes me happy to see
these things and gives me a warm feeling that i have them, I only play the Neo emu along with the emu of all the other system and I keep all my systems mint stored away,
only the dreamcast I enjoy playing now on a casual basis.I only got my 1st neo this year and it did trigger something in me that I didn't feel for any other system I had, if anything it was that gamer feeling in me from years ago that was creeping back,Just the look and feel of the machine gave me goosebumps, No my days of hardcore playing in arcades finished with karate champ, spy hunter and elevator action and of course my favourite gyruss, as for consoles i stopped playing hardcore after my famicom. anyway Im gonna shut up know b4 I bore myself to death 8-)


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I'm a pure gamer
the system I like the most is NEO homecart and Super NES.

but for NEO GEO home system , I'm a collector too

I think CD-based system isn't a good collectables. I prefer cart games for collectables.

but my limit for a game is just $300, so I'm not a "hardcore-collector"