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What kind of game is this? Apparently, it is only available for MVS and CD. Super Sellers has the CD for $220! Has anyone seen the MVS version for sale? Are there any screenshots anywhere and/or a review on the net?

Neo Bomber Man

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Ironclad is a 2-D side-scrolling shooter. It is by far the rarest Neo CD you'll ever come across (or not come across, as may be the case).

The MVS version as far as I know is hypothesized to exist, but if it does it would be amongst the rarest MVS carts. I think you can download the dumped (CD) version at where you will likely find the Neo CD emulator. Try it & see if it's worth the cash.
You are right. It's basically only rare Neo Geo cd that I don't own-and probably will never own. I played it though. The gameplay reminded me of a game that had fish/ aquatic creatures and all. Sorry it's been a while.