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I got some help with a sonic wings 3 cart which I had my doubts about, so I'd like to get confirmation one way or the other on the other carts in my collection I don't plan on keeping and hopefully can include on some trades down the line.

metal slug x cartridge:




baseball stars 2 ( I didn't open this one up because of the shiny label thing on the side... if there's no concern about that thing I can just tear it off and open it up)


I've also got a neo turf masters cart that I opened up and (in my mind) there is no doubt the thing is a boot, as the board itself doesn't say SNK anywhere and it's got 4 blue capacitors on it as well. The label on the case seems about as real as can be however, which kind of throws me for a loop.

Thanks for any help! :)


MSX is Legit

BAM looks Legit

Baseball Stars 2..looks to have a fake label? it overlapping on the left side off the picture/the edges cut bad?

shiny label thing on the side...I just slice it at the seem with a razor,,it keeps it intact and clean..

I'd like to see the Turf Masters..


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the baseball stars label is a bit long it seems, but the quality and the paper type seem to match the other *real* ones. here's pictures of the inside of bbs2 and the turf masters guts.




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Assuming Turf Masters is the bottom one, it's teh boot.

As for BS2, chips are legit and I don't know that I've ever seen a boot w/the SNK serial sticker on the side of it.
Bust A Move is legit.

Honestly, and I'm totally serious here, it would be faster for you to learn how to identify boots yourself than post all these. It's actually that simple. Solid PROMs with proper NGH numbers are the main thing to look for.


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I've never bothered with the NGH numbers. Anything with mask roms on SNK boards is bound to be legit. If still in doubt inspect the soldering.