Chat Room meeting scheduled


, Grandmaster Elf , Overlord (GEO), ,
Real time chats will be held here at on every Sunday at 6pm central time (7pm eastern). Go to the Chat Room, links are located on the home page, and menu. This is a chance for all the neo freaks to get together to talk in real time.


Giga Shock!!
I just wanted to move this to the top of the list to remind people to go to the chat. I have missed all of them so far myself.


Loyal Neo-Disciple
well its not sunday but its a saturday night so if your like me and youve got no life then come to the chat room


Sub-human sack of shit.
Sorry I didnt show up for chat... I was avoiding someone and the crowd that came with them.... (anyone smell a fart in the chat room?)


Sub-human sack of shit.
I have a hard time beliving you cant figure it out. Maybe you and I should get our own chat room... wasting badwith posting back and forth is stupid like this...


Sub-human sack of shit.
Read the entire string, from the begining of this message, all the way through the third message.

Have you seen Dracula Dead and Loving It?



B. Jenet's Firstmate
Dude Dion isn't coming back and that was along time ago when he posted that message. You have no reason to fear Dion any longer, he is gone from this forum but we all know he will be back