Capcom vs. SNK Tournament Videos


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Just to let people know...

Videotaped footage from a recent Capcom vs. SNK Hong Kong tournament have been posted. A lot of people have been saying that this isn't the best representation of fighting ability in this game, but still it's good to see what people are doing in the early stages of this game. SNK characters are obviously showing some sort of dominance in some of these games, ESPECIALLY Yuri.

Here's the URL for anyone interested: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>

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Thanks for the link. I thought those were pretty interesting. I could 've whooped em all tho
Its ALWAYS good to see SNK on top! I love Capcom, but SNK can kick Capcom's ass anytime SNK feels like it if you ask me.

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They're certainly not that great a representation of what kind of fights can be had in the game, but you seemed to indicate that the videos were somewhat dated. Thanks for the link though, they were still interesting to watch. Oh well, I just wish they would have a tournament in Toronto. There were some KoF tournaments a few years ago, I think they were for '95 & '96, maybe '97 as well, but nothing since, unfortunately.


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I found the videos to be interesting as well... even though I did see a few matches that were obviously really bad. This is the first time that I actually saw a person make it to the quarter finals with Ryu and totally get slaughtered. I mean, his opponent literally sat there and rolled up to him and grabbed him at least 3 times in the match. Maybe in a regular game, but in a tournament that is inexcusabe. And the 5 second stalemates in the Blanka vs. Blanka matches also made me want to laugh... it's obvious that most don't know how to play this game at all.

In my honest opinion, I think those who felt at home with KOF will do fine with this game. It plays like a slightly toned down version of one, and if you go into this game with that type of mentality you're sure to do better.

On a side note, Golfland results were also posted, and the final champion won with a team composed of nothing but SNK characters: Kim, Yuri and EX Vice. All this info was posted on that other video game fighting forum. At least someone is realizing the true potential of SNK characters on the other side.


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I just wanted to say that at sf tournament there is no ryu player in quarter

So it s normal that ryu died in 1/4.
yuri is overpowered blanka too !